Proxym Group: Catalyzing Mobility with IBM

Wassel Berrayana, Founder & CEO
Mobility has gained center stage in enterprise functions today. As sharing and disseminating sensitive information of data with users has become simpler, there is progressive expansion of mobility services across all areas in the organizational structure. From consumer applications to corporate deployments, mobile applications have not only become popular means to consume data, but have positioned as a more privileged way of performing transactions and capturing rich information. Contributing significantly to this digital revolution is Proxym Group, a company that acts as a global IT player in enabling digital transformation capitalizing on IBM technologies. “Our agility and growing expertise on IBM MobileFirst combined with the IBM Bluemix cloud platform that accelerate innovation tools and integration application lifecycle management is of great help to our customers,” elucidates Wassel Berrayana, Founder and CEO, Proxym Group.

Adoption of mobililty enables organizations and processes to generate efficiency, better collaboration and streamlined interaction with customers. Often mobility projects evolve into more important initiatives of digital transformation. “For instance, in banking, we evolved our M-Banking solution into digital omnichannel banking to engage with customers through various channels,” explains Berrayana. The company blends the benefits of IBM MobileFirst with IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson to take advantage of cognitive and big data potentials. On the basis of such coalition, Berrayana says, “Our success in delivering high quality applications utilizing IBM technology has repeated several times.”

Proxym group also has a strong participation in companies working on areas of dematerialization, retail execution, mobile sales, fleet management, home automation, digital education, web marketing, and healthcare. This has allowed the company to serve a number of clients with its wide array of solutions from various verticals including healthcare, retail, distribution, banking and telecommunication. One example is an oil and gas leader in the Middle East having a strategic objective to integrate mobile capabilities for its products distribution to increase its market reach and maximize the efficiency. Two mobile applications have been built one for consumers ordering gas products and one for gas stations. Analytics has been built to monitor distribution, optimize delivery time, detect bottlenecks and provide overall customer satisfaction.

Our agility and growing expertise on IBM Mobility and Cloud technologies is of great help to our customers

In addition, the company also enables fleet management and person tracking with required applications to maximize efficiency and mobility on the field. For instance, Proxym implemented a custom made solution for QualiBeauté, a marketing firm for fashion industry, which helped in planning sales operations, monitoring performance and speeding up the acquisition of data from the field. The solution equipped sales animators with the relevant information to help them perform better without on site trainings.

The company also offers services to build secured and contextualized mobile applications for various government institutions. The applications are associated with any civic governance issue such as renewing car plate, paying speed fine or notifications on passport status. Besides supporting government, Proxym Group proffers mobile banking solutions for financial institutions to allow providing core-banking services together with mobile marketing services. Clients in banking and Telcos sector can dematerialize documents using Mobile OCR technology to quickly and cost-effectively meet their goals around businesses.

Proxym Group is constantly innovating on various fronts like future of connected point of sales, dematerialization and indoor localization for enhanced user experience. In addition, Proxym has contracted with oil and gas companies in Qatar for implementing digital solutions for their customers and employees. Treading ahead, the company is working with research laboratories to explore potential of big data analysis and its applications for banking and e-business by incorporating additional analytics and intelligence capabilities. “Our goal is building predictive systems based on data mining techniques and using big data technologies like IBM BigInsights, Tensorflow framework and IBM Watson,” concludes Berrayana.

Proxym Group

Paris (France), Dubai (UAE) and Sousse (Tunisia)

Wassel Berrayana, Founder & CEO

Leverages IBM MobileFirst for mobile-enabling organizations and processes and IBM Bluemix as Digital Platform

Proxym Group