Psyche Systems: Offering Fully-automated Laboratory Information Systems

Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO
Ambition has a distinctive sound— and it can be heard when one sparks a conversation with Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO of Psyche Systems, a provider of laboratory information software solutions to hospitals, clinics, reference and private labs. It was Lisa-Jean’s interest in philanthropic activities, such as fund raising, community services, child and animal welfare, and religious teaching services that attracted her to a meaningful career in the healthcare industry. “Our laboratory solutions support full automation and ease of integration with EHRs, instruments, clinical and back-office systems, other LIS’, outreach and meaningful use initiatives,” says Lisa-Jean.

When asked about the challenges faced in the market, Lisa-Jean states, “The technological landscape needs to be nimble, adaptive and flexible to support the ever changing laboratory requirements from business to regulatory to reimbursements”.

Psyche Systems provides a single source for a broad array of laboratory solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex laboratory landscape. “The laboratory information industry has been receiving lot of attention and the need for intuitive and detailed automated solutions is a palpable one for labs to provide accuracy as well as a profitable bottom line,” states Lisa-Jean, who addresses the issue with NucleoLIS, their new molecular LIS, WindoPath, their highly ranked anatomic pathology LIS, and WPTox, their toxicology LIS— all are highly advanced, full-featured information systems with modular and customizable designs. Available both as standalone software solutions and as part of a completely integrated suite, the applications provide the pathologist and physician with complete, patient specific history and diagnostic results.

Psyche Systems formed an advisory board of molecular laboratories to provide direct input and review for the development of their MIMS, NucleoLIS.
As a result, the team developed NucleoLIS as a molecular LIS that is built by geneticists to support their true testing needs, streamlining the diagnostically diverse complexities of molecular testing.“The participants on the advisory board became the first adopters of the application and were highly impressed with the results” Lisa-Jean adds. “We are focused on innovation and technology development for the laboratory to truly support personalized and predictive medicine.”

Built in collaboration with Windopath, WPTox is a robust LIS designed specifically to focus on toxicology testing - detection and confirmation of consistency and inconsistency of drugs, and validation or verification of prescribed drugs. “WPTox simplifies and streamlines the sample collection process through its easy-to-use web-based sample collection portal. It also clearly displays results for whether the metabolites are consistent or inconsistent with the known information captured at the time of order,” explains Lisa-Jean. In addition, Psyche Systems’ newly launched NucleoLIS—a molecular laboratory information system—is a stand-alone MIMS system that truly focuses on NextGen sequencing, PCR, FISH, Karyotyping, and Cytogenetics. “In addition to full software information solutions, we also offer hosting services to enable laboratories to focus on testing and patient diagnostics. We host the entire solution seamlessly, which includes automatic updates and upgrades, guaranteed system uptime, as well as disaster recovery, so that labs can maximize their IT investment while minimizing their IT costs,” adds Lisa- Jean.

We are focused on being a leader in innovation and technology development for the laboratory to support the continual growth and changes in healthcare

Psyche—a metamorphosis for change—is focused on leading innovative change in the laboratory industry.

Psyche Systems

Milford, MA

Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO

A provider of laboratory information software solutions to hospitals,clinics, and reference and private labs.