PTC [NASDAQ:PTC]: Designing Smart, Connected Products

James E. Heppelmann, President & CEO
PTC [NASDAQ:PTC] has a strong regard on helping companies transform the way they create and service smart, connected products. With the explosive growth of smart connected products—comprising of many complex systems and subsystems, organizations often face barriers in creating and validating design ideas that all stakeholders can quickly understand and easily agree on. As one of the world's fastest-growing technology companies, PTC provides an advanced platform for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)—which is all about reducing complexity, creating a common language, and giving engineers the tools they need to enable rapid exploration and accelerated design and delivery of more successful products.

PTC’s MBSE solution is powered by the PTC Integrity Modeler—a robust solution for Systems Modeling Language (SysML), Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Variability modeling, all integrated within a single tool. This solution creates consistent, high quality models for systems; software and product line engineers to communicate requirements; consider design alternatives and make decisions involving the entire stakeholder community, regardless of their location. It also offers organizations the whole system visualization capability that reduces complexity, high rates of re-use as well as planned product lines that maximize productivity.

With PTC’s MBSE solution, organizations can also reduce the total cost of systems engineering by shortening learning curves and lowering cost with industry standard language; capture system design IP to reduce risks and retain value; optimize allocation to mechanical, electrical and software engineering; and design and build the right system for delivering more successful products.

In addition, PTC solutions for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), and Internet of Things (IoT) enable process transformation and deliver closed-loop lifecycle management for products and services that are increasingly smart and connected.

With PTC’s MBSE solution, organizations can reduce the total cost of systems engineering by shortening learning curves and lowering cost with industry standard language

Today, PTC works with more than 28,000 businesses around the world to help them create, operate, and service products in rapidly-evolving, globally distributed manufacturing industries, including industrial equipment, automotive, high tech and electronics, aerospace and defense, retail, consumer, and medical devices.

In one instance, CIRA—a company with public and private sector shareholders—is in charge of designing and developing highly complex and innovative software applications. CIRA needed to adopt model-based systems engineering methodology and related supporting tools in order to provide an efficient Autonomy Management System for an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) fleet within commercial air traffic constraints. During the evaluation process, it became increasingly evident to CIRA that PTC Integrity Modeler aligned with their technical specifications–would improve the quality of their overall systems engineering methodology as well as facilitates collaboration with several external actors in order to let the UAS independently execute missions. “By implementing PTC Integrity Modeler, our engineers are dramatically improving the quality of work and reducing the effort taken to keep artifacts consistent all through the design life-cycle,” says Gabriella Gigante, a researcher at CIRA’s Softcomputing Lab.

As business evolves, and challenges increase in complexity, the firm’s goal remains unchanged—to deliver technology solutions that help clients achieve, and sustain, a product and service advantage. Forging ahead, PTC plans to bring in more acquisitions to support customers' needs on integrating multiple systems engineering disciplines.


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James E. Heppelmann, President & CEO

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