Public Consulting Group: Data To Effect Instructional Decisions

CIO VendorLinda K. Zecher, CEO
PCG Education brings together technology, planning, professional development and educational expertise in its work with schools, districts, regional partners, and state education agencies to prepare students for college, career and 21st century citizenship.

At PCG it is more than 1,100 consulting professionals in 44 offices across the U.S., in Canada and in Europe dedicated in helping public sector education, health, human services, and other government clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need. Expert technical, education and management consulting capabilities, coupled with data systems built on open, national standards provide proven solutions to an array of public education challenges. School data systems are customized to target and solve real world education problems, from at-risk student identification to state and federal reporting.

PCG Education has the scale and maturity to successfully deliver technical projects of all sizes and complexities to improve the literacy and learning of students. PCG Education’s nationally recognized data center contains Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) secure data from over 1,500 US school districts. Consulting staff at PCG provide highly motivating and engaging content area literacy instruction, district and school audits for data-driven decision making, action planning for systemic change, expertly aligned professional development for teachers, coaching and support for school and district leaders in middle schools, high schools and career and technical education.

PCG focuses on the areas of data use, supporting teachers, building capacity, resource allocation, managing change processes, progress monitoring and accountability

For more than a decade, the Focus On Results (FOR) school turnaround solution has been helping low and under-performing schools and districts to get results and demonstrate significant gains in student learning. The FOR methodology built around the PCG framework provides practical, results oriented training at the school and district level for school improvement. Coaching at PCG focuses on the areas of data use, supporting teachers, building capacity, resource allocation, managing change processes, progress monitoring and accountability.

EdPlan™ from PCG is a collection of Web-based tools for student success planning in academics and behavior. Built specifically for teachers' ease of use, EdPlan™ gives 24/7 access to all student data in one consolidated student profile that is able to store student records and support plans from preschool through high school. Thoughtfully designed by former teachers, education professionals, and project management experts, EdPlan integrates multiple areas of student performance for a holistic view of a student's individual academic, socio-behavioral and other needs, giving educators valuable perspectives to improve instruction and outcomes. Because EdPlan imports all data that exists electronically, the system requires minimal teacher data entry.

Solutions at PCG provide access to the data needed to drive instruction and support at the district and state level. The content neutral item repository allows items to be imported, developed and sorted by multiple dimensions. A multitude of scoring options provides all users with real-time reporting capabilities. PCG Education's EdPlan™ Response to Intervention (RtI) Support module successfully addresses the complexities of running a multi-tiered instructional and intervention system in the areas of reading, math, and behavior. The system is customized to client specifications in pursuit of a results-driven academic program that promotes improved student outcomes by addressing the differing needs of students.

It is PCG’s resolve to help numerous public sector organizations maximize resources, make better management decisions using performance measurement techniques, improve business processes, federal and state compliance and also client outcomes.

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Linda K. Zecher, CEO

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