PunchOut2GO: B2B EProcurement Integrations Solution Provider

Brady Behrman, CEO
A life science research company had set out to search for a partner that could increase their B2B eCommerce online sales via procurement systems, decrease the buyer integration time and improve their current PunchOut catalog functionality. Their search endeavor ended with PunchOut2Go. By implementing the PunchOut2Go Gateway technology, the firm grew PunchOut catalog integrations by 400 percent and achieved double digit sales growth in very first year of implementation. “By providing procurement integration solutions, we assist suppliers to connect to their buyer’s procurement systems in a cost-efficient and uncomplicated manner,” says Brady Behrman, CEO, PunchOut2Go. In addition, PunchOut2Go partners with buying organizations to help streamline their vendor integrations and drive more spend through their procurement system.

Today buying organizations are challenged with getting visibility into expenditures across their organization, cutting costs and increasing overall efficiency of the procurement process. On the other side, suppliers are pressured by their buyers to make an investment and business decision to offer PunchOut Catalog and B2B order automation technology needed to carry out business through the eProcurement channel. “PunchOut2Go is in a unique position–sitting in the middle of the buying and supplying organizations–which provides great insight into the challenges that companies are faced with,” says Behrman. PunchOut2Go offers solutions which allow suppliers the ability to easily integrate any eCommerce application to their buyers’ purchasing system, with an adaptable cloud-based gateway technology, referred to as the PunchOut2Go Gateway. This platform-as-a-service technology sits between the supplier’s eCommerce store and their buyers’ procurement systems, normalizing and harmonizing data such as PunchOut Setup Requests, PunchOut Order Messages, electronic purchase orders, electronic invoices and any other B2B documents that need to flow to formulate the systems to communicate effectively.

Furthermore, PunchOut2Go’s adaptable gateway solution offers unparalleled support to connect any eCommerce application to any procurement system. Suppliers that implement the PunchOut2Go gateway solution are able to leverage their existing eCommerce infrastructure and easily integrate with any of their customers on any procurement system.

By providing procurement integration solutions, we assist suppliers to connect to their buyer’s procurement systems in a cost-efficient and uncomplicated manner

“In addition, PunchOut2Go clients receive access to the PunchOut2Go Supplier Portal, the only punchout catalog emulator test-suite on the market,” adds Behrman. The PunchOut2Go portal also allows the ability for IT developers to simulate, test and review the punchout process and provide real-time visibility into every movement going to-and-from systems, and analytics to measure conversions and track performance of each integration.

Over the years, PunchOut2Go has been focused on innovation, building product solutions and concentrating on growth and customer acquisition within the market. “PunchOut2Go continues to broaden the base of SaaS eCommerce platform solutions which leverage the PunchOut2Go Gateway and provide suppliers of all sizes the ability to connect with their buyers utilizing any eProcurement technology,” mentions Behrman. PunchOut2Go supports eProcurement integrations for organizations of all sizes across many different industries and provides 100 percent PunchOut compatibility and B2B order automation, by connecting with more than 80 different eProcurement platforms such as Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Coupa, PeopleSoft, Jaggaer and many more in over 35 countries.

By partnering with the leading eCommerce providers in the market, PunchOut2Go today provides plug-n-play and tightly integrated solutions for over 35 eCommerce applications. So what’s next for the Charlottesville, VA-based firm? Behrman informs, “Currently 50 percent of our revenue is coming from clients located outside of the U.S. The market is growing in the EMEA and APAC regions and PunchOut2Go is well positioned to continue to expand in these regions in 2017.”


Charlottesville, VA

Brady Behrman, CEO

PunchOut2Go delivers the most flexible and seamless integrated Punchout Catalog and B2B order automation solutions for suppliers