Pure Storage: Pioneering a New Class of Enterprise Storage

CIO VendorJohn Colgrove, CTO
Flash storage has revolutionized everything from smart phones and mobile computers, to web searches and social media. Unfortunately,it is been nearly impossible to deploy flash across a data center without breaking the bank. Mountain View based Pure Storage has cracked the code and destroyed the disk status quo.

The firm founded in 2009, has made all-flash storage affordable enough to use broadly across any enterprise. Scott Dietzen, CEO of Pure Storage and his team believe that every company should enjoy the performance, space and efficiency advantages of flash as well as the lower maintenance, power, cooling, rack space and management costs. With Pure Storage, businesses can achieve things that were not even imaginable with disk.
When compared to traditional disk-centric arrays, Pure Storage all-flash enterprise arrays are 10 times faster and 10 times more space and power efficient at a price point that is less than performance disk per gigabyte stored.

The company’s products accelerate random I/Ointensive applications like server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), database (OLTP, rich analytics/ OLAP, SQL, NoSQL) and cloud computing. The Pure Storage FlashArray as it is called is ideal for high performance workloads, including server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), database (OLTP, realtime analytics) and cloud computing. Pure Storage makes it cost effective to broadly deploy flash within the data center, enabling organizations to manage growth within existing power and space constraints.

The company’s revolutionary solutions have made the headlines and have attracted the attention of many prospective clients. The investors have shown much interest in the company, a testament to this claim is the 200 million plus dollar funds that the company has received till today.

Pure Storage

Mountain View, CA

John Colgrove, CTO and John Hayes, Chief Architect, Scott Dietzen, CEO

A provider of products and solutions that enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center