PureDepth : Rolling Out MLD 3D Displays

Darryl S.K. Singh, CEO & Director
The Casino industry has been advancing with tremendous speed, and developers of casino games are striving to make players’ gaming experience a memorable one. Advanced playing techniques, versatile features, and opportunities to qualify for a jackpot have been enhanced to provide a mind-blowing gaming experience. Located in Redwood City, CA, and in Auckland, New Zealand PureDepth is one such company, which with its Multi-Layer Display (MLD™) 3D technology is empowering the gaming industry with a safe, comfortable and compelling virtual experience that goes beyond traditional market displays and delivers the highest quality 2D and 3D experience. “Our technology offers a compelling 3D experience with no side-effects where users can perceive real depth between display layers. The 3D effect is free from headaches, eye strain or fatigue and glasses-free as well,” remarks Darryl S.K. Singh, CEO and Director at PureDepth. “We are providing that smart bridge between casino products and the leading edge visual effects seen in main stream entertainment and at the same time we have the ability to preserve the look and feel of mechanical slots that appear to be physically rich all on the same platform.”

PureDepth, by leveraging its multi-layer effects and capabilities, brings cutting-edge visual display products to market. The company’s technology can be employed to enhance an array of advanced electronic displays, including cockpit and instrument clusters, casino games, amusement games, mobile devices, wearable devices, public information displays, among others. MLD is a 3D technology that brings real depth into the digital display world. The MLD platform can be implemented on multiple product sizes and display technologies, and is fully scalable from mobile to large form factor. In addition to the real depth, real parallax, real transparency and smart imaging the platform provides, it is also capable of spectacular high contrast, giving content a superior look and feel compared to standard displays.

Our technology offers compelling 3D virtual experience with no side-effects where user can sense real depth perception between display layers

“The in-market Casino, Pachinko and Pachislot gaming machines use the optical components of the MLD platform and custom content is built with our development environment,” asserts Singh. MLD technology is currently the dominant 3D technology in the U.S. Casino and the Japanese Pachinko and Pachislot markets.

To reflect PureDepth’s expertise, Singh brings in an interesting scenario. International Game Technology, a global gaming company, approached PureDepth to license MLD technology to create one-of-a-kind visual experiences for attracting casino customers in their game products. “We helped them by replicating the look and feel of traditional mechanical reels com¬bined with 3D effects, all within the same platform by leveraging MLD technolo¬gy,” asserts Singh. This facilitates not only an improved gaming experience, but also has driven significant revenue benefits for the client. It is this capability set that is also attracting large interest in the technology from the Automotive market also

“We develop and license a proprietary glasses-free transparent display technology backed by over 120 granted, allowed and pending patents in 20 countries protecting innovative hardware and imaging software. This is coupled to over 300 man-years of development with this technology leading to a unique know-how and trade secrets that bring the technology to life. We expect to have continuing interest from leading players in the future with the aim in bringing cutting-edge visual display products to market,” concludes Singh.


Redwood City, CA

Darryl S.K. Singh, CEO & Director

A global leader in next-generation display technologies and the pioneer of Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology