PureWRX: Reinventing The Secondary Market for Networking

David Schofman, CEO
For the last 20 years, team at PureWRX have been building CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) programs for OEMs across multiple verticals from golf clubs to power tools. Their model is unique in that they partner directly with the OEM providing them a full turnkey solution. To date they have executed the model with over 40 companies including networking giants like Juniper Networks. In October of 2015, they announced the partnership and the launch of Juniper Certified Pre-Owned (JCPO) at www.junipercpo.net.

JCPO provides end users an entire new line of remanufactured, Juniper certified hardware. One of the many benefits of the JCPO program is that it comprehensively reduces the sales of unauthorized (gray market) products—providing end users a trusted option for maintaining a legacy network. Also, from a CIO’s perspective, buying CPO products makes a lot of sense. For example, if an organization’s network is EOL (end-of-life), CPO may be the only option—whereas before, the gray market was the only source. With JCPO, CIOs get the full factory warranty and support that ensures network reliability without putting more strain on the limited IT budget allocations.

PureWRX’s relationship with Juniper is multi-faceted—being both a Direct Value Added Reseller (DVAR) and distributor of JCPO products. “We also are the exclusive program operator for Juniper, managing all aspects of the program—GTM (Go to Market) strategy, pricing, procurement, sales, support, marketing, finance, and other operations,” says PureWRX’s CEO, David Schofman. All JCPO equipment is fully refurbished with updated versions of hardware and software, bug fixes, reset to default configurations and serial number validation to ensure authenticity. All products come with original Juniper packaging.

Most OEMs that don’t have a CPO program are unable to service existing customers still running legacy equipment in their network. Therefore, they are losing sales opportunities to unauthorized ‘gray market’ resellers and potentially putting customers at risk due to the lack of oversight and reliability of 3rd party resellers. With PureWRX’s CPO program, enterprises can immediately recognize the availability, cost benefits and guaranteed reliability of buying legacy hardware with the full support of the OEM.

A Certified Pre-Owned program comprehensively reduces the sales of unauthorized (gray market) products—providing end users a trusted option for maintaining a legacy network. Meanwhile, OEMs enjoy a new and highly profitable revenue channel that has very strategic benefits

PureWRX’s biggest competitive advantage is the fact that the company understands all of the unique challenges and opportunities that companies face in deciding ‘if, how, why, and when’ to build a CPO program. PureWRX starts with a very analytical view of the opportunity and then maps out each phase of the program for its customers. In the end, PureWRX develops a complete GTM plan, very defined business rules and a roadmap to success. “One of the main reasons manufacturers do business with us is ‘we know CPO.’ Building a CPO business is complex and touches all areas of an organization. We’ve had the benefit of building best practices across categories for nearly 20 years. As a result, we have learned to listen and adapt to the unique requirements, opportunities and challenges of our partners,” says Schofman.

Recently, PureWRX opened offices in Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis and Amsterdam. The company has plans of further expansion into EMEA, CALA and APAC in 2017. PureWRX is also aiming to expand its logistics capabilities which will allow the company to cover over 130 countries with nearly 350 locations.

“We’ve spent the last couple of years validating and refining our business model for this category,” says Schofman. “Due to the overwhelming success that our team has demonstrated we are rapidly expanding our footprint geographically as well as adding several new brand partners to our portfolio.”


Austin, TX

David Schofman, CEO

PureWRX partners with leading manufacturers of IT Hardware products to establish, develop, and operate Certified Pre-Owned programs