Q Data USA: Revamping Supply Chains with Innovative Solutions

Jeff Devine, Associate Partner
In today’s competitive landscape, organizations find it laborious to deal with their ERP system’s ongoing issues. It takes 1-2 years to completely implement SAP and 20- 30 years of continuous evolution to ensure a state of maturity that provides organizations ongoing performance. Unlike typical SAP support organizations that keep the systems up and running but deviate from best practices and complicate the functionality over time, Q Data USA increases the performance of organizations and ensures the system’s lifecycle matures at an exemplary pace. With over 25 years of SAP experience, Jeff Devine, Associate Partner, Q Data USA, leads a skilled team and ensures the effective execution of simultaneous projects without compromising quality.

We understand the wider impact technology decisions have on businesses

“Finding the right solution is more than just defining the problem and matching a technology to solve it,” says Devine. Often, the solutions are sought in isolation of the overall business and its strategic goals, and they have no measure of Success associated with it. Q Data USA helps organizations move through this maturity continuum by implementing solutions That allow businesses to retain flexibility, agility and scalability, all the while ensuring the best practices are Introduced into organizations and remain as close to standard SAP as possible. “We understand the wider impact technology Decisions have on businesses,” adds Devine.

Q Data USA’s Implementation Maturity Methodology takes an agile approach.
This enables enterprises to define the business Requirements and implement the resulting iterative design at the most appropriate moment, helping users to make informed Decisions. They approach each process and break it down into smaller “sprints” which has many advantages such as, the Introduction of an interactive design process on top of a base best practice and standard functionality, and easy Visualization. The biggest advantage comes in the form of drawing users into the process and enabling them to visualize and Test system processes throughout the implementation— introducing change management and significantly increasing user adoption and buy-in.

With a horizontal focus around supply chains, Q Data USA has worked with numerous companies that make, buy, sell and Distribute products. Their extended supply chain solution provides greater end to end event visibility and alerts by enabling A well known cell phone manufacturer to respond to exceptions in their supply chain with tremendous speed. A global Microchip manufacturer saved over $90 million after Q Data USA implemented a solution to pay vendors on-time and capitalize on the early payment discount terms.

On another occasion, Q Data USA implemented SAP Event Management and SAP Business Workflow for a major supplier of Maintenance, repair, and operation products. The solution gave their sales representatives visibility t o client sales Orders, purchase orders and deliveries—improving the overall customer satisfaction, system performance, employee productivity And order to cash analytical reporting. Additionally, by utilizing their Implementation Maturity Methodology, the company Has done various SAP implementations in a short timeframe and improved the operational efficiencies of the likes of BMW, HD Supply, PLZ, Elevance, Isola, and Toyota Tsusho.

The Q Data USA brand has become synonymous with innovative solutions and is a company that can help their clients through the Lifecycle of their SAP system. In the coming years, the company will continue to grow at double digit numbers and ensure That each client will be considered a success irrespective of the solution being implemented. They intend to grow deeper into The global SAP market while expanding their innovative solutions in the supply chain arena.

Q Data USA

Jeff Devine, Associate Partner

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