QAssure Technologies: Right Strategy and Right Project for Test Automation Success

CIO VendorDhanasekaran Dhurairaj, CEO
In 2005, when Durairaj Dhanasekaran, the CEO of QAssure Technologies founded the company, his idea was to bridge the gaps in software testing related to enterprise applications. Today, in accordance with the challenges in the industry, the company is building on their own toolkit to provide testing solutions. “Testing is a glaring as well as time-consuming challenge and we try to add value by automating and bringing down the testing cycles,” remarks Dhanasekaran. QAssure focuses on building products that compliments and works with HP tools to deliver end-to-end solutions. The company assures quality in a host of testing services related to automation, cloud, and mobile.

QAssure provides different kinds of testing under the Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM) stage—from functional to automation and performance to security system. “We also perform customization for ALM and create a process workflow for testing the excellence of enterprises,” says Dhanasekaran. When it comes to services provided in performance testing space, the company offers tools like load runner and performance center. Along with testing, QAssure also combines a diagnostic analysis for their clients, which adds value in terms of interpreting the results. "When clients load their system, they are able to generate reports out of the loadrunner tool but to interpret that becomes a roadblock," observes Dhanasekaran. This is where QAssure facilitates the process, by analyzing and recommending applications that pinpoint on the problem. This is further extended by doing performance testing of mobile applications and thus covering all the aspects. Performance testing is followed by production, which is deployed and monitored with the Business Availability Centre (BAC), ending with security services.

Another addition to QAssure’s list of services is cloud based infrastructure testing which appeals more to clients, owing to reduced cost of ownership and a Green IT.
In keeping with the current trends of fast growing mobile technologies, QAssure provides test automation of the mobile applications across various platforms.

The company also aims at improving automation efficiency by deploying standardized automation processes, and supporting it with a knowledge repository and tooling strategy. Dhanasekaran stresses on two things—the right strategy before automating a project and choosing the right project for automation from the re-usability standpoint.

Customers become a priority for QAssure as the company works closely with their clients to curb market challenges. For instance, a large bank wanted to implement a cash management program, and the business problem manifested in how quickly the bank could expand in multiple countries at reduced cost. QAssure came in and studied the program to figure out how exactly the bank was planning to do the testing.They created an automation strategy to implement along with the bank's manual testing, so that the client could automate the manual testing and create a regression pack that could be used across multiple releases.QAssure also helped the bank in performance testing with multiple users, with the same kind of load testing tools, to ensure that the application is capable of scaling and meeting the non-functional requirements.

QAssure takes pride in their strong technical and innovative team and through the years, they have devised methods like generating strategic script and assembling keywords, to lighten the role of testers. In some instances, testers may not have the programming and technical skills to write the script, and QAssure helps business analysts create automated test scripts. In the near future, the company plans on getting into managed testing services for enterprises over the Cloud. Building test accelerators for official products in the market, which are domain specific, are also in the cards for QAssure.

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