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Dave Keil, CEO
In an environment where the buzzword is ‘Agile’, organizations are striving to be more efficient, by creating superior software at a brisk pace. The critical need is for tools that will help the tester and software developer, and for the decision makers to determine the application quality, the effectiveness of the organization, and make critical “go-no-go” decisions about software releases. “With our deep understanding of agile methodology, we have created tools from the ground up that provide a better automated testing solution for companies of any size and at any level of testing maturity. Our tools enable development and testing teams to keep up with the rapid pace of business and consistently release high quality software” says Dave Keil, CEO, QASymphony.

Headquartered in Atlanta, the team at QASymphony works with over 200 companies including Adobe, Barclays, Zappos, Salesforce, VMWare and Verizon, empowering them to create better software. “At the core of our offering is qTest—a powerful, scalable test case management platform that helps enterprises to create and execute test plans with real-time visibility across all development and testing methodologies,” says Keil. QASymphony’s qTest eXplorer is a particularly useful exploratory testing and documentation tool for the agile testing teams. The tool helps quickly document software bugs and communicate the issues across the development team. It also cuts down the time required to do manual documentation so teams can be much more productive. “qTest eXplorer is really built for an agile world where you have to quickly diagnose and fix problems. It also works well across platforms so you can easily test on desktop or mobile devices” adds Keil.

Explaining QASymphony’s other evolutionary product qMap, Keil reveals, “It’s a whole new way to visualize data from your agile testing process. qMap provides a high level heat map of your test results so you can quickly identify big issues and then drill down for more information. This is a great tool for senior leadership in the IT organization because they can quickly access the health of the application and the effectiveness of the development team.”
Why are companies choosing QASymphony? Their customers say they provide a robust product that helps them be more efficient and effective. For example, Silverpop, an IBM Company that creates marketing automation software, uses qTest eXplorer for regression testing near the end of a release. According to Neale Hightower, Senior Manger Quality Assurance at Silverpop, “When doing this using qTest eXplorer, testers can quickly and easily replicate the defect scenario. It makes the step of documenting the defect 50 to 75 percent faster than it would be done manually.”

QASymphony is focused on strengthening its position in the agile development world. “We partner with the popular agile solution providers such as Atlassian, Rally Software, and VersionOne,” says Keil. “It’s important that our testing tools work very well with those solutions so we’re reducing friction in the development process and helping our customers move faster.”

At the core of our offering, is the qTest—a powerful, scalable test management platform that provides real-time visibility across all development and testing methodologies

QASymphony also focuses on the success of its customers. “We spend a lot of time talking with our customers to find out how we can build a better product for them. Then we use that insight to develop our product roadmap. That’s a big reason why we’ve had so much success. We’re not just a software vendor, we’re a true partner to our customers,” concludes Keil.


Atlanta, GA

Dave Keil, CEO

Provides testing software that enables teams to keep up with the rapid pace of business and consistently release high quality software.

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