Qbase: A Bold Move from Search to Sense Making

Steve Baldwin, President & CEO
With the geospatial industry growing beyond the traditional mapping function to any domain where location is of critical interest, the broader public is beginning to fully recognize its importance. One of the drivers of this increasing focus on GIS technology is the expansion of mobile and social media technologies of today.

“We expect to be able to access and visualize information about the areas around us–and any non-accessible data that represents a lost opportunity for someone, be it an analyst working in the interest of national security or a business provider hoping to offer us services,” notes Steve Baldwin, President and CEO, Qbase.

Headquartered in Reston, VA and Beavercreek, OH, the company provides comprehensive business intelligence and technology solutions that offer situational awareness to several markets including government agencies, military and national security organizations, nonprofits, healthcare providers, and the energy industry, to name a few.

Qbase was started in 2005 by the former chief technologists and executives of LexisNexis and was recapitalized in January 2010. Under Baldwin’s leadership, the company’s mission is to help customers understand the world’s information, and to provide tools that transform data into knowledge. “Our product portfolio and development pipeline are completely aligned with this mission,” notes Baldwin.

Having the technical expertise to effectively assess massive amounts of data, Qbase saw a unique integration opportunity with MetaCarta, which allows users to quickly discover and visualize actionable information around more than 300 million physical locations around the world, helping to make sense of huge volumes of structured and unstructured text and providing meaningful, actionable insights in situations where it matters most. It offers bound and one-word text search to return results in seconds – other products could do the same thing in hours, if at all.

“We acquired MetaCarta because it’s a fantastic product. We saw it as a way to build even deeper relationships with our customers. We also recognized the need for a technology like MetaCarta and saw a way to leverage the talent within our own organization to make it even better,” says Baldwin.

Qbase customers can certainly attest to the power of the solution. Recently, a large energy organization needed to review 85,000 lengthy geology reports and find every geographic location mentioned within them.
The company hired a team of five geologists to manually identify the geographic references in the reports. After two years, the team had completed its assessment of just 3,000. With 82,000 left, the company contacted Qbase, which utilized MetaCarta to process and geo-tag the reports within just 45 minutes, resulting in better accuracy than the reports that were assessed manually.

“Qbase solutions provide the kind of situational awareness our customers want and, in critical settings, the kind of awareness they need,” says Baldwin. “In this environment, accuracy and fidelity matter. And that’s where MetaCarta really stands out.”

Building on its past performance and its powerful product portfolio, Qbase is developing proprietary technology, today, that the company believes will fundamentally change the way people interact with data for years to come.

With customers spread across five continents, Qbase is actively pursuing opportunities to expand its geographic reach and product offering.

For nearly a decade, Qbase solutions have supported customers when it mattered most. Our proven technologies have been the basis upon which we’ve built deep relationships in the intelligence community, in the national security and law enforcement arenas, in energy and in health care

“We are preparing ourselves for growth, and are uniquely positioned to meet the evolving data needs of our current customers and to attract new ones. We are very excited about commercializing our new IP because we know how powerful it will be for our customers–and also because it represents a tremendous amount of hard work and some game-changing innovation developed right here at Qbase,” concludes Baldwin.


Reston, VA & Beavercreek, OH

Steve Baldwin, President & CEO

Provides comprehensive business intelligence and technology solutions for government agencies, military organizations, nonprofits, healthcare providers and commercial industries