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Keith Lowry, Founder & President
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is acclaimed as the driver of digital transformation utilizing methods and an organizing principle that align functional business objectives and strategies with an IT strategy and execution plan. Federal government entities have long been saddled with numerous challenges (e.g., governance, policies, funding) in the EA landscape holding them back from garnering its transformational advantages. The Federal Government often struggles to arrive at the right decisions on major federated architectures owing to the scale and complexity of their programs and working methodology. These problems are further exacerbated by budget constraints in procuring the latest technology as well as low-price bidding strategies where government agencies are unable to hire appropriately skilled people for their projects. Helping to address these challenges and complications is the Virginia-based firm, Quality Business Engineering (QBE), with its mission-focused, performance-based, and result-oriented consulting services. “We support our Federal Government and international customers through serving as their trusted advisors to improve and optimize their overall processes, operations and technology - specifically focused on EA,” mentions Keith Lowry, founder and president of QBE.

QBE specializes in providing system engineering along with enterprise architecture, solution architecture, network architecture and cloud services. They are dedicated to serving the government and defense agencies through developing designs, architectures, and strategies to support different cloud, network, and software architectures.

What sets QBE apart from other federal contractors is their “Possible to Proven” approach that utilizes in-depth insights gleaned from years of partnering with the federal government and premier IT providers that enables them to develop and implement innovative, cost-effective, fully integrated solutions to meet the mission-critical needs of their customers. QBE’s approach is technology agnostic whereby they do not place emphasis on introducing or applying any particular technology, but instead follow a strategy where they deploy technologies best suited to the needs of the client by effectively communicating with them and understanding their business problems, objectives, and expectations.
“A significant part of our job is to aid and assist government agencies in narrowing down their focus toward pivotal business elements, removing barriers from government projects and programs, and streamlining the acquisition process of technologically-powered tools, software, and systems,” states Brian P. Swenson, Executive Vice President of QBE.

QBE is a globally-focused firm delivering mission-oriented technology capabilities, specifically EA throughout the world

QBE has significant international experience, through applying their knowledge, on-the-ground know-how and business licenses/ insurances to deploy people, services and capabilities throughout the world that include war zones and austere environments. QBE sends its representatives on site to interact with local government bodies and their partners to monitor and speed up the ongoing work. For example, one of QBE’s customers was over budget and six months behind schedule for one of their major programs. They approached QBE to conduct a root-cause analysis to determine the cause of delay and accelerate the project’s progress. In response to the customers’ problems, QBE sent one of their internationally-focused directors on site in Europe to assess the situation. Within days the director communicated with the site integrator as well as local government agencies to identify problems and map out a solution. After gathering all the necessary data, QBE developed a course of action and brought the contract back on track within two weeks of the original schedule.

Today, QBE has garnered a clientele of both U.S. and international customers emerging as a trusted advisor for all federal government and international projects. QBE is continuing their growth and recently established Quality Business Engineering Europe, a branch that serves the nations that come under the Schengen region in the European Union (EU). “Being a small firm, we have garnered a huge clientele due to our agility, flexibility, and mission-centric approach in handling every project that comes our way,” says Swenson.


Haymarket, VA

Keith Lowry, Founder & President

The company offers system engineering along with enterprise architecture, solution architecture, and network architecture to federal government and defense agencies