QCT: Extending the Power in Hyper-Converged Infrastructures

Mike Yang, President
Many data centers today are shifting to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) in order to modernize their application deployment and cloud service delivery. This modern architecture is helping organizations to categorically reduce cost and complexities by natively converging server and storage resources in a single software application. Besides, the DevOps paradigm requires data centers to offer flexibility and the ability to scale capacity as demand changes. Envisioning the industry’s requirement for hyper-converged infrastructures is QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), which provides hyperscale datacenter products, including server, storage, networking and rack solutions, alongside configuration and support services. “We offer a variety of hyper-converged solutions that use a software-defined architecture to integrate compute, storage and networking resources within a single rack,” explains Mike Yang, President of QCT.

QCT’s hyper-converged infrastructure helps enterprises and service providers address their unique scaling and application portfolio needs. The firm’s solutions are optimized for different applications, workloads, business objectives and budgets. The marvel of these hyper-converged solutions is they can help in abstracting all the complexities involved in building cloud platforms. “Our infrastructure can converge networking, server, storage, virtualization, automation, flexibility and scalability into a single cloud platform,” assures Yang. All this is coupled with simplified deployment and service offerings as desired by the vendors. Through hyper-converged infrastructure, technology customers can be assured of simplified IT operations and seamless interoperability. “This translates into an ability to meet critical KPIs and business objectives such as improved data center economics and increased agility,” adds Yang.

In addition, QCT leverages exceptional strength in its engineering and manufacturing processes to consistently deliver the most efficient designs. The company’s differentiating factor lies in providing customers with complete access to all the required resources that can unite the component technologies with the equipment designs and the rack layout, software integration and testing.

We offer a variety of hyper-converged solutions that use a software-defined architecture to integrate compute, storage and networking resources within a single rack

Since its inception, QCT has expanded its lineup of Open Compute (21" rack) and standard (19" rack) designs, with servers, storage and networking offerings, as well as fully integrated racks running OpenStack and VMware that are pre-loaded and ready to deploy. The firm also leverages partnerships with Microsoft, Red Hat, Mirantis, Cloudian, Hedvig, Cloudera, Hortonworks and EMC, among others. “We offer a solution using the Canonical distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack that can enable customers to go from bare metal to a well-configured OpenStack cloud in a day,” adds Yang. Leveraging tight integration with their component partner Intel, QCT deploys their latest technologies and makes it readily available in QCT gear. The firm’s business model delivers ready-to-deploy solutions to customers, each tuned to unique workloads such as high-performance computing networking applications, video streaming and VoIP. QCT also offers standard and open commodity hardware, so that datacenter operators avoid vendor lock-in.

Furthermore, QCT operates a unique Cloud Solution Center in San Jose, CA. Customers can visit the center and view demonstrations revolving around testing workloads in pilot environments, preparing proof-of-concept deployments to operate their own workloads in simulated production settings. “Our center enables customers to design, test and solve their problems, allowing them to get their systems operating faster and in short time period,” affirms Yang.

Continuing on their growth trajectory of widening their global customer base in Europe and Asia, QCT is focusing on building its upcoming lineup of hyper-converged offerings that will be released shortly.


San Jose, CA

Mike Yang, President

A global provider of data center products, including server, storage, networking and rack solutions as well as configuration and support services