QDiscovery: Uncovering the Truth in Your Data

David Barrett, CEO
“Ever-increasing data volume from traditional sources and new technologies is a dominant consideration in eDiscovery,” states David Barrett, CEO, QDiscovery. “We strive to uncover the truth in all that data. We take a slightly different approach, with a full forensic analysis division and by incorporating advanced analytics into our eDiscovery workflows.” Today’s corporations demand innovative approaches to eDiscovery and digital forensic solutions. “We use advanced forensic analysis techniques to answer the important who, what, where, when and how questions of our clients,” says Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics, QDiscovery. “Our forensics offering has evolved to be tremendously strategic in the eDiscovery business and is often the first solution that a client approaches us for.”

The foundation of CT-based QDiscovery was laid by a group of industry veterans with comprehensive experience across the digital forensic and eDiscovery space. Taking a consultative approach, QDiscovery assists clients to develop strategies around advanced analytics, forensics, and assisted review to help clients find and review relevant data quickly and more efficiently.

QDiscovery’s eDiscovery solutions include fully integrated data processing and review options delivered through single-source analytics platforms such as Relativity and Viewpoint. The firm offers extensive platform support for KCura’s web-based eDiscovery platform— Relativity—to provide clients with flexible workflow capabilities, faster data-processing, and technology assisted review (TAR). “We believe that advanced analytics tools have a place in every project of ours as they streamline the workflow and save time and resources,” states Barrett. “This is why we made the strategic decision to make analytics available for no additional charge.”

Corporations rely on QDiscovery’s forensic practice for departed employee investigations, data breach incident response, and other internal investigations. Oftentimes, the IT department is involved in these investigations to identify what information has been accessed/taken and when. QDiscovery helps assure that the investigations are conducted in a defensible manner, while allowing IT to stay focused on their business priorities and, should it come to a trial, QDiscovery forensic examiners serve as expert witnesses. "From a forensics perspective, our services provide peace of mind that you have defensibly and in a forensically-sound manner preserved and analyzed the data you need to determine if litigation should be filed,” adds Schiff.
Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics
“So our forensic team spends a considerable amount of time working with clients to determine the objectives of the investigation and developing strategies to accomplish them.”

To support the organization’s innovation and growth goals, QDiscovery has focused on attracting the top project managers, consultants and technology professionals in the industry. The leadership at QDiscovery believes in investing in their employees’ professional education, which is a key part of what Barrett refers to as “Q-culture” within the organization. The firm works closely with kCura—the eDiscovery software firm—to ensure that their project managers receive advanced certifications in fields such as analytics and database administration. The forensic team invests considerable time and energy in obtaining advanced certifications such as the CCE issued by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners. The CCE is one of the most difficult and well respected certifications in the forensic industry.

Our services provide peace of mind that you have defensibly and in a forensically-sound manner preserved and analyzed data you need to determine if litigation should be filed

In the days ahead, QDiscovery has plans to expand their forensic practice as they consider it extremely strategic to their business. “Every day, new technologies are introduced and there is new data that just didn’t exist before,” explains Schiff. “Our digital forensic team keeps up with these new data sources and we look for innovative and creative ways to collect and analyze this data for our clients.” Innovation will continue to be a focus for QDiscovery, particularly in further integrating their forensic and eDiscovery solutions. “We continue to incorporate creative solutions to make managing litigation data easier, more efficient and ultimately, more cost-effective,” concludes Barrett.


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David Barrett, CEO and Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics

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