QeH2: Simplifying Disaster-Recovery with Cloud

What if your business had to recover from a natural disaster? A disgruntled employee? Are you able to continue business operations if your organization is affected by any level of disaster? Disasters range from localized short term disasters to employee error to long term problems like a permanent building loss. There is no doubt that the need for business continuity and disaster recovery is imminent-and selecting the right solution can seem complex.

According to a survey conducted by Nationwide–a diversified insurance and financial services organization, three out of four small business owners in the U.S. do not have a DR plan. More than 50 percent of the businesses do not have a business-continuity plan in case of business interruption. One of the major challenges faced by CIOs is the lack of infrastructure in the event of data/system loss which ultimately leads to longer recovery times and subsequent monetary loss and business viability. Addressing these challenges is QeH2, headquartered in Colorado, a provider of on premise, cloud, hybrid based business continuity solutions.

QeH2 analyzes clients systems and provides strategy to align critical path systems with BC and DR planning. “Our focus is to keep the business completely operational in the event of failure or loss. QeH2 strives to understand the down time tolerance of the organization and the appropriate Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to ensure systems can be recovered in the event of a disaster or data forfeiture, “says Quentin Jaksch, CIO, QeH2.

Business Continuity is considered a critical path item and is not to be neglected in any organizational strategy. It must provide both on premise and off premise backup to different locations which allow for the servers to be protected.This holds true for cloud servers as well as on premise servers as disasters come in many forms and most of the time it is not physical “Acts of God” but rather, user related, or system related issues. QeH2 with its know-how objectively identifies the right technologies to achieve the greatest potential with a client’s IT resources, investments and assets.A case in point would be Smith and Willis, a heating and air-conditioning company. With QeH2’s signature CIO service, Smith and Willis implemented a 3TB on premise Business Continuity device for their servers.
Soon thereafter, their servers faced failure due to an environmental cooling system failure, which quickly increased the rooms’ temperature beyond the limits of the equipment which resulted in complete system failure. Without its organizational systems, Smith and Willis’ dispatching, accounting and business functions became inoperable. QeH2 was able to spin up all of their systems with less than an hour downtime. QeH2 continued to help the client operate for 8 weeks on the Business Continuity platform during which, they provisioned new equipment to replace the destroyed equipment.

“Business continuity is enabling a business to continue performing mission critical operations before, during, and after an IT crisis. There are a number of services and solution providers out there that provide simple data backup to SMBs. However, providing this concept of true business continuity through our solutions will help you maintain business operations, so data is never lost and you’re never suffering from lost productivity,” says Jaksch.

Our focus is to keep the business completely operational from a systems perspective and how swiftly can the data be recovered in the event of a disaster or data forfeiture

QeH2 provides CIO services based on strategic planning and disaster recovery. In an effort to educate business owners and key decision makers, QeH2 offers a lunch-and-learn center where CIOs can understand how to protect their data. “We aim to define how Information Communication Technology (ICT) can be implemented within an organization to produce effective ROI, thus maintaining and maximizing execution and profit,” concludes Jaksch.


Castle Rock, CO

Quentin Jacksch, VP, Business Development

Provider of cloud disaster and data recovery services with side-by-side remote access or on-site solutions based upon customer requirements.