Qentinel: Quality-Driven Software Development through Robotic Test Automation

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Dr. Miika Kuoppamäki, Managing Director
When it comes to management of the development lifecycle, developers are accustomed to dealing with testing solutions during software development. But once the software moves into maintenance mode or enhancement phase, the automation process tends to become more arduous. Qentinel, a software quality management company, addresses the difficulties of integrating development and testing models by providing test automation and data-driven quality management solutions to their clients. The company offers a suite of products that improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on testing.

Qentinel Pace, its flagship automation solution, provides a rich digital experience and focuses on test automation and the practicality of automated quality management and reporting for developers. “We can achieve efficiency gains of up to factor fifteen through our test automation,” says Dr. Miika Kuoppamäki, Managing Director at Qentinel GmbH. The Qentinel Pace platform is capable of performing hundreds of thousands of automated tests per day. This velocity achievable with the QA platform is remarkable and allows for maximum efficiency gains during product development and delivery. Qentinel Pace is able to support any type of software product development or service platform implementation and can be equally used in waterfall and agile lifecycle models.

Frequently developers find it difficult to read automation code written by other developers. To that end, the deployment of an easy programming language such as Python, which allows for use of natural language in programming, makes the process simpler. Customizable to suit the systems in operation at customer facilities, Qentinel’s Pace platform can be provisioned through the cloud or on-premise to ensure ease of access.

Qentinel utilizes keyword libraries to define and control the automation, which makes the Pace platform highly flexible and maintenance less laborious. The automation engine is cloud-based and can be deployed to automate a range of functionalities by leveraging its scalable architecture.
When customers embark on a journey to automate QA in their development processes, or backend processes in their business operations, they sometimes find themselves in a situation where they have invested, but don’t get to reap the benefits of their investments. “We have a product where the architecture is defined to render maintenance of the automations less resource intensive,” says Dr. Kuoppamäki. The Qentinel Pace platform permits reporting of test results and analytics, which provide customers with an improved understanding of where they stand regarding their software product quality. Customers armed with this superior awareness can focus on faster development, quicker roll-outs of updates and release of new software. For Qentinel customers the essential decision typically is, whether to allocate own resources to QA or to development processes.

We can achieve efficiency gains of up to factor fifteen through our Qentinel Pace test automation

Many customers approach Qentinel with their product development and testing phases already on-going. While some have issues with quality and efficiency in general, and want to improve test coverage and frequency, others face challenges with the speed of release cycles in their software development. Qentinel addresses both issues by reducing the manual labor required, to shorten the product development cycles and ensure customer process improvement in both, quality and efficiency. Automation processes introduced by Qentinel reduce the time required for development and testing. Significant efficiency and quality gains can be achieved compared to manual testing or manual process execution.

Qentinel Pace has been deployed successfully at locations across Europe and in the U.S, where the company is looking to add further operational bases during 2019. Customer successes with the Qentinel Pace platform demonstrate how investments in quality improvement can yield significant efficiency gains and help companies to raise their software development capabilities to another level.


Espoo, Finland

Dr. Miika Kuoppamäki, Managing Director

Qentinel provides robotic testing solutions that accelerate software creation and provide insights which help clients deliver products fast and flawlessly