QiSOFT: Provider Of Manufacturing Intelligence Software

QiSOFT has been a leading provider of manufacturing intelligence software since 1986, helping manufacturing organizations achieve continual product and process excellence. Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, USA, QiSOFT is an international company with an established worldwide customer base.

“No matter what the business is, manufacturing organizations are facing daily challenges,” says Kevin Luxton, CEO and founder of QiSOFT, “rising costs, evermore demanding customers, tougher global competition and tighter regulatory controls. In this highly competitive market most manufacturing plants are under intense pressure to produce high quality product and deliver exceptional service, all at lower costs and without sacrificing customer value.”

Though it is a software company at its core, its ultimate aim is to help establish quality as a key focus and part of an organization’s culture

“It’s a huge challenge to get the balance right across all of those demands. Organizations are having to work harder to grow and yet are not necessarily being able to move forward profit wise. They need to focus on eliminating cost where they can - reduce downtime, reduce waste and rework, improve product quality and consistency and optimise production flexibility."

Though a software company at its core, QiSOFT’s ultimate aim is to help establish quality as a key focus and as part of an organisations culture, not just a set of tools the quality team uses for quality control. QiSOFT believes that quality is everyone’s responsibility and begins even before the raw materials are delivered to the factory, flowing all the way through to the customer, and feeding back into the continuous loop of improvement. Their purpose is to help customers drive sustainable operational excellence; while safeguarding customer satisfaction and delivering growth to the bottom line.
Kevin Luxton, CEO
The company understands the daily challenges faced to cater for the variation in raw materials and ensure that there is consistency in finished product whilst maintaining maximum process efficiency. Its system is designed to be a user-friendly tool that enables management and operators alike to collect, analyze and act on the large amounts of the real-time operations data available. This helps facilitate real-time, critical decision-making across process manufacturing operations, addressing the key challenges and helping to reduce waste, rework and decrease downtime, all leading to happier customers and higher profits.

The company’s clientele includes Domtar, Unilever, Weyerhauser, DE Master Blenders, De La Rue, and many more. It has managed to serve many clients across the globe with its manufacturing intelligence software – the main capabilities of which include real-time product & process monitoring, advanced data analysis, data reporting, asset monitoring & incident tracking, certificates of analysis, data capture & integration, supplier quality management, and reel & roll quality monitoring.

“With both developments in technology, and the changing face of manufacturing there is a lot to keep up with in this arena,” says Kevin Luxton Founder and CEO of QiSOFT. “We are committed to staying at the forefront of development, ensuring our solution keeps pace with the changes in technology and changing user needs,” he adds. “The pressure on the manufacturing industry is going to make manufacturing intelligence tools all the more important in the future. Knowing which materials work best, when process adjustments are optimal, having clear evidence of non-conformance, having unambiguous information on the most common causes of production inefficiencies—all contribute to reduction and even elimination of the preventable costs associated with process operations,” Luxton continues.


Savannah, GA

Kevin Luxton, CEO

Provider of manufacturing intelligence software to help organizations transform data into critical insight in order to achieve continual product and process excellence