QMetry: Continuous Quality Evaluation of Development Cycles

Rutesh Shah, CEO
Software professionals dive deep into the pool of quality management to ensure perfection of even the minutest features of their web apps and services. The current pace of innovation has burdened Quality Assurance (QA) professionals with the workload of testing the compatibility of apps and services on multiple devices and operating systems. Further, the job of QA software professionals is not limited to quality management but also includes evaluation of aspects like faster time to market, flexibility of products and efficient risk coverage. Simplifying the job of QA professionals is QMetry, products division of InfoStretch Corporation, offering QA teams the proficiency to administer, organize, and maintain test libraries in order to track performance of their products. “Enterprises adopt QMetry to organize and empower their testing teams. We enable global QA teams in managing testing efforts easily,” extols Rutesh Shah, CEO, QMetry.

The company’s flagship product— QMetry Test Manager, a comprehensive test management solution, enables QA teams to build test plans and evaluate products from their early development stage. It offers advanced reporting for details on test requirements through a customizable dashboard. By updating defect status in real time, the QMetry Test Manager facilitates issue management. Further, it seamlessly integrates with existing automation and defect tracking tools. The product is offered in four different packages—QMetry Starter, QMetry Team, QMetry Professional, and QMetry Enterprise.

QMetry Starter, designed to meet the requirements of a startup, empowers them to set up an agile testing environment from the beginning. As enterprises grow and their testing needs increase, QMetry Team enables them to adapt to the changing needs by integrating test management tools to their bug tracking and automation tool sets. The company’s most popular test management package is QMetry Professional that solves complex quality challenges through enhanced management, smart testing, and faster deployment.The fourth edition, QMetry Enterprise offers improved flexibility and agility for large-scale enterprises.

QMetry’s feature rich offering for JIRA—an issue tracking product from Atlassian—allows companies to bring their digital services to market in less time with reduced risk.

Our highly sophisticated quality control product is designed to ensure the success of the application and service long-term goals of our customer

Using QMetry Test Manager for JIRA, users can leverage the benefits and features of JIRA and view advanced coverage reports and analytics. Additionally, it helps in creating modular test scenarios and integrates with HipChat, Confluence, and JIRA Capture.

The company has furnished a multitude of clients with its QMetry Test Manager, gaining a unique stature in the QA market. SolidFire, Proteus and j2 Global Communications are some of the esteemed clientele it has served over the years. For instance, Healthland, a provider of healthcare information systems for rural hospitals, required a QA team that could establish formal processes for testing their products. In addition, they required the tool to integrate with their defect-tracking tool, JIRA with GreenHopper plug-in. QMetry Test Manager ticked the right boxes for them and has become key for a number of quality-defined initiatives at Healthland. Moreover, it has helped their QA team to identify bugs in three of their release cycles. “I don’t know how we would carry out testing without QMetry Test Manager. We would be in a world of hurt, would regress back to a scenario of ad-hoc, and undefined testing,” explains Anne Frazer, Director of QA, Healthland.

“Our highly sophisticated quality control product is designed to ensure the success of the application and service long-term goals of our customer,” asserts Shah. The firm aims to incorporate new technologies in order to take their quality management capabilities to the next level.


Santa Clara, CA

Rutesh Shah, CEO

Helps QA teams organize and maintain test libraries, integrate it with the development environment, and quickly transition to automation with Qmetry Task Manager