QNAP SYSTEMS: The Quality Network Appliance Provider

Teddy Kuo, Chairman Technology must serve as an answer to the challenges of its users, and not be a challenge in itself. For this, we believe all ‘technical’ aspects of a solution must be made ‘untechnical’,” expresses Teddy Kuo, Chairman of QNAP Systems, Inc. a provider of network storage, virtualization and data sharing solutions. Teddy’s statement stands true, as in recent times technology trends like data digitization and burgeoning influx of information are embracing every corner of a business environment. This in turn has triggered a need for the development of trustworthy and efficient network storage platforms. Although majority of the industries in the overall business arena have embraced ap-propriate technology changes and witnessed its massive benefits, many still undergo the turmoil of handling technological complexities and security lapses involved in data sharing and transfer. This is especially true for many government and public sector companies that frequently dispense data into the convoluted hierarchical structure and multiple departments. They mostly are in dire need of IT backup or skills in order to gainfully exploit technology’s unprecedented role in simplifying everyday tasks and boosting profitability. Keeping in mind these factors and the conviction to globally deliver solutions with non-stop innovation and passion, founders of QNAP Systems, Inc, created the company during 2004 in Taiwan. QNAP stands for ‘Quality Network Appliance Provider’ and offers solutions that were envisaged with the goal of delivering quality, convenience and value to the customers from an array of sectors.
An Allegiant Association with Customers and Partners

From the time of its inception, QNAP has had a track record of successful deployments with over several millions units of its storage system shipped globally. Interoperable, compatible and compliant to government security protocols, these storage systems allow access to data on mobile devices and PCs with secured protection. “We believe our products are the key factors that helps differentiate us from the rest and thwart completion. However, a great deal of credit goes to the proactive research and development experts who stay on loop with product feedback and conduct real-world experiments to delve more advancements and product suitability,” says Teddy who was felicitated for his vision of shaping the future of the NAS market. “We stick to the thumb rule of lending our ears to the customers and others in the equation like the distributors and resellers who are connected to the world and changing trends. QNAP maintains strong liaisons with partners and vendors dealing in different ecosystems to empower us with the capability to fulfill demands emerging from other industries,” says Teddy.

Network Storage System: An Avant-Garde Solution

Within a decade of its conception, QNAP has gained acclaim and accolades for being the brainchild of feature rich and cutting-edge technical and data security solutions in the world market.
Solutions like the all-in-one Linux based Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) are the nucleus of its product offering that are featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and reliable backup. In 2014, QNAP’s Silent NAS series won iF Product Design Award and also received the ISO 27001:2013 certification in information security management.

The Turbo NAS TS-101 with the SATA interface was the very first NAS version introduced in 2006 followed by its much advanced versions like NAS TS-201, TS-409. The NAS’s HS-210 design is one of QNAP’s most recent version that is specifically made for non-organizational customers using home and multimedia applications to enhance their entertainment life.

“In the government environment, the NAS assists both complex scenarios with highly consolidated and centralized deployments as well as with smaller scale deployments. The storage solutions capacity ranges between a few terabytes to large capacity of 800 terabytes solutions,” adds Teddy. Unlike common applications and software tools that drag in more time for installing and configuration, NAS can easily be integrated with the client’s underlying IT structure and also has advanced RAID protection against hard drive failure. In addition to that, it can also configure automatic schedulable backup of the data to remote devices. Upon deploying NAS, the users can instantly experience the benefits of the storage system instead of wasting precious time and effort in fathoming and cracking IT mysteries.

A Tour de Force for the Customers

With NAS, many government companies have had a positive rise in their work productivity, enjoyed hassle free sharing and transfer of sensitive information and important files across multiple departments. Furthermore, the in-built applications like FTP server, web server, remote replication and file server suppress the risk of incurring additional expenditure and professional IT training needed while handling complex technical situations. In one such instance, Edge Factory, a renowned production house sought assistance of QNAP to help them keep track of digital footage and deployed a 30 terabyte storage solution with a special plug and play feature. With this they saw a massive change in the overall storage volume, thus allowing the client to internally share, access and store footage, scripts and files from anywhere and anytime.

Once, Lifework, a U.K. based government funded social enterprise that was another customer of QNAP needed to replace its redundant NAS system that was used as a file server to handle enormous data volume. Lifework needed an efficient storage system to smoothly carry out day-to-day operations. The agency brought two of QNAP’s TS-639 Pros, out of which, one was used as file server and the other for offsite replication. The TS-639 Pros worked as an ideal off-the-shelf solution by increasing their productivity and task processing.

Lifeworks also went ahead and introduced QNAP Turbo NAS as its management software and had about 30 percent average decrease in administration cost."Our recent site relocation saw a seamless move of our IT infrastructure over one weekend, which I attribute in part to the reliability and simplicity of the QNAP Turbo NAS,” exclaimed Craig Williams, managing director, Lifeworks.“The good thing is all NAS are based on QNAP's storage software, the QTS 4.1 operation system.
The NAS users get to start small and get to choose bigger and much powerful system as the demand increases. These changes can be made having any noticeable change in user experience but with more perks on the hardware platform like storage pool, advanced iSCSI, and virtualization features,” mentions Teddy.

The NAS befits most government companies regardless of their needs for different storage capacity by enabling quick and easy installation and configuration

The NVR on the other hand, is more befitting to surveillance market that require IP based solutions due to its special features like higher resolution, flexible wiring over IP network, anywhere and anytime centralized management. Like its counterpart NAS, the NVR is a premier turnkey solution, that allows ease in operation and configuration to its users who can receive unlimited software upgrades and IT support from the company’s department in the United States. This list of successful features along with value has made QNAP a popular and superior solution that is paving the way in the home user segment. Alongside these products, the NAS TS-X20 Series and TS-X70 Pro Series are two of the company’s newest offerings designed specifically to streamline the work procedures of professional photographers, video production studios, and TV stations.
QNAP is also the only storage vendor to engage and integrate with leading home automation system manufacturers including Control 4, Crestron, AMX, and RTI. It is an ideal home storage center for home automation.

The Road Ahead

The secret mantra for its organizational success is QNAP’s unabashed faith and reverence to its talented and loyal workforce. “We hire talented individuals, build a happy team and by this, our company is empowered from the roots to achieve perfection at levels and diligently focus on improving products and software tools. Having written a commendable history with many success stories and winning accolades, QNAP plans to thread ahead to make new inventions.

“We will carry the same zeal and passion to create high-end technology and emerge with new product features like secured back up of HD video files while sharing with mobile devices and encryption in media transcoding,” adds Teddy. QNAP is also en route to discover new opportunities and potential of vast implementation of storage tools in the IoT landscape.

"The NAS has advanced RAID protection against hard drive failure and assists both complex scenarios with highly consolidated and centralized deployments"


Pomona, CA

Teddy Kuo, Chairman

QNAP designs and delivers high-quality network attached storage (NAS) and professional network video recorder (NVR) solutions.