QOC Innovations: An Alternate View to Enterprise ERP Implementations

Paul Osterhaus, Managing Director
Significant expertise and a definitive view of the ERP landscape have placed QOC Innovations at the forefront of ERP system implementations. The company combines its technical and business experience in manufacturing and retail to identify and prioritize plaguing issues and then installs an Odoo ERP platform designed to relieve those issues based on its clients’ requirements.

As unknown complexities and labor shortages continue to affect businesses, QOC empowers companies to spearhead their ERP implementation and allows them to start small, grow over time, and position themselves (whether they are in well-established or emerging markets). By extending a service that covers every aspect of an ERP project for clients, QOC brings unrivaled modularity and API friendliness to its operations. A gold partner of Open-Source ERP platform maker Odoo, QOC leverages the framework to drive results in days rather than weeks or months.

“Our best ideas emerge when we combine the genius of (a) technology personnel and business consultant to solve a problem,” expresses Paul Osterhaus, Managing Director at QOC. The joint efforts of the thought leaders aid in springboarding projects forward with new solutions for customers.

From a customer perspective, QOC’s iterative and rapid development approach assists in understanding internal issues quickly. QOC selects a few pain points from the discovery and builds prototype solutions to showcase a proof of concept on the possible outcomes. With every client driving a different agenda in their ERP systems and operation models, QOC helps integrate a solution that is not just agile but also focused on bringing value to their clients’ overall business engagements.

For a retailer rolling out to a hundred stores in an emerging market owing to substantial growth in the past years, QOC rebuilt its existing ERP system by overhauling it to improve the process.
QOC also ran a proof of concept to test if the tailor-made Odoo ERP implementation would work and scale according to the required security and safety regulations. After succeeding in the subsequent checks, QOC designed and deployed automation functionalities to allow direct interaction with workflow and inventory management systems. The collective market analysis between the QOC team and the customer enabled the client to constantly adapt and change the feedback loops in leveraging the best version of the ERP system.

Our best ideas come when we put a technology personnel and a business consultant in the same room to solve a problem

For a manufacturer seeking an alternate option to have speedy production and delivery of products, the deployment of QOC’s workflow automation services proved fruitful. Fazed by a shortage of talent to run the shop floor machinery, the client was able to indulge in better inventory management with the implementation of universal robots, and 3D printed end fixtures that skyrocketed production automation and permitted zero-downtime connectivity to the ERP system.

In the foreseeable future, QOC while still maintaining a major interest in open-source ERP integrations will also turn its focus on the smart device regime coming into the industry 4.0 spectrum. The company is gearing ahead to launch a proprietary smart device that will offer users direct access and interaction with the Odoo ERP platform. The innovation will allow clients to create automation protocols right into the original framework at costs that are obtainable by many organizations and build solutions to nimbly capture labor activity and transactional data on shop floors.

QOC Innovations

Fall River, WI

Paul Osterhaus, Managing Director

An ERP implementation company that combines its technical and business experience in manufacturing or retail to identify problems, and then install an Odoo ERP platform based on their clients’ requirements.

QOC Innovations