Qotient: Formulating Successful Sales Conversations

Don Boss, Chief Revenue Officer
The art of closing a lead carries with it an overbearing challenge of taking the conversation in the right direction, as even a slight deviation from the prospect’s interest areas may result in losing the lead forever. No one understands this better than Justin Wright, who brings along with him a seasoned experience of 15 years in product development, sales, and marketing, combined with a strong suit in IT. As the Founder and CEO of Qotient, Wright has taken to assisting sales teams in steering the conversation in the right direction and closing the lead. “Our curated cloud-based solution, Qotient, helps sales teams by prompting the best-possible response to a conversation and account for successful lead conversions,” says Wright. “Though we are a new force in the U.S. market, Qotient has already made a remarkable footprint, changing the paradigms of sales processing.”

Wright explains that often when ten sales personnel from the same firm are asked what the company does, they respond with as many as ten different answers. This is where Quotient excels; by ensuring consistency of the message, the platform provides sales and channel personnel with an integrated workspace that delivers client-specific messaging and commercial insights. Additionally, Qotient’s customers can simplify message customization in accordance with the client industry or vertical market, and client persona.

With Qotient in the picture, accelerating sales processes and closing larger deals while maintaining price points are no longer herculean tasks, thanks to its integration feature with Salesforce. “As Qotient integrates with the CRM system, it is easier for a salesperson to keep the CRM records updated while “on call” with the customer,” says Wright.

With customer success being a core principle, Qotient assigns customer success managers to help its clients. “Our customer success managers work very closely with sales leadership, marketing, and the client’s sales personnel to capture the message and share it across the entire organization,” states Wright.

The flexibility of the Qotient platform allows the sales team to access and gain insights from any device such as iPad, iPhone, or android smartphones and come up with appropriate propositions for the leads.
Justin Wright, Founder & CEO
The channel leaders and sales leaders have immediate access to both upcoming as well as the effectiveness of past conversations enabling salespeople to prioritize leads,” clarifies Wright. In one of the instances, a client saw 300 percent increase in pipeline opportunity within the first quarter of jumping on the Quotient bandwagon.

Qotient, helps sales teams by prompting the best-possible response to a conversation and account for successful lead conversions

Qotient Group also assists businesses in monitoring the performance of channel partners. “Often sales organizations cannot get the maximum value out of their channel partners and the investment in terms of both market development funds and channel leaders,” clarifies Wright. Technology providers, in particular, need effective partner ecosystems for getting deals started and closed at scale. “The tech behemoths often do not have the resource to be present in all deals across the globe via their architects and solution specialists,” says Wright. This is yet another area where the company displays remarkable prowess. Qotient renders real-time telemetry on the conversations so the parent sales organization can measure effectiveness, interject where necessary, and measure the return on their channel investment.

With its holistic solutions that cater to the needs of enterprises and their sales partners, the company has what it takes to be an integral part of successful sales processing. “Our roadmap has additional value items incorporated to include trends such as AI and prescriptive selling,” concludes Wright.


San Jose, CA

Don Boss, Chief Revenue Officer and Justin Wright, Founder & CEO

Helps businesses in identifying and conducting the right sales conversation with their customers