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In today’s fast-paced business world, CIOs need to quantify their organization’s software development productivity. “Enterprises want instant gratification on how to increase productivity, but often fail to understand that the procedure involves people, process, and tools—all contributing toward the effectiveness of an enterprise,” said Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO of QSM. Headquartered in McLean, VA, QSM provides superior estimation products and consultation services that enable clients to evaluate, track, and benchmark projects. The company’s historic database of over 10,000 completed projects informs customers about typical rates of productivity improvement and enlightens customers as they move into new areas. QSM establishes a productivity baseline for its customers’ projects, identifying immediate opportunities for improvement, while providing the ability to measure the return-on-investment (ROI) once those improvements have been implemented. “Our Software Lifecycle Management (SLIM) tools support better decision making at each stage of the project development lifecycle,” said Putnam.

We have a dedicated research group performing data mining and feeding results back into our product development activities

QSM constantly monitors new process and technology trends and publishes its research findings to support the software development community. Two innovative technologies for delivering software that we are currently following are agile development methods and cloud based delivery platforms. “We are currently utilizing two of the latest trends—agile development methods and cloud based solutions—to increase productivity of our customers,” adds Putnam. To maintain an agile development process, QSM measures and models hundreds of projects in the company’s database. QSM’s cloud product; SLIM-Collaborate, brings all key stakeholders together to estimate projects, negotiate, and maintain transparency throughout the development lifecycle.

Furthermore, the company’s SLIM-Estimate helps organizations in estimating cost, time, effort and resources to develop a given set of system requirements to determine the best strategy for designing and implementing software projects. In addition to software cost estimation, the tool also provides a high level of configurability, accommodating different project lifecycles and development methodologies, size and scope metrics, and resource demand allocations.
Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO
“Our product is flexible enough to accommodate individual releases, complex programs, and portfolios of applications,” said Putnam. The platform also has the ability to quickly explore alternatives and compare results that lead to better business decisions and reduced risk.

Moreover, QSM’s SLIM-Control includes the statistical process and control techniques that are needed to assess the status of individual software projects and enterprise portfolios. This is done by comparing the project plan against project actuals and generating a forecast to completion. Through SLIM-Control, organizations can plan software projects, measure real-time progress, and receive updates on forecasted project completion.

QSM has a track record of empowering clients to successfully plan and execute successful software and other design-intensive projects. In one such instance, a top global IT service provider was facing a challenge in their bidding processes, leading to loss of significant gross margin each year due to inaccurate software estimation for projects. The organization knocked on the doors of QSM who empowered them with custom software estimation training, mentoring, consultation, and tools. “We assisted our client with the development of specialized estimation templates and training for all project types, including complex systems integration programs,” said Putnam.

As a result, the improved estimation processes and tools saved the client millions of dollars and subsequently the organization designated SLIM as one of its preferred estimation validation tools.

“We have a dedicated research group performing data mining and feeding results back into our product development activities,” said Putnam. Driven by innovation and thought leadership, the company’s goal is to make estimation and resource demand management a norm in customer’s business operations. “Well-established tools and methods are available to solve productivity problems, enabling us to measure the benefits we get from them.”


McLean, VA

Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO

QSM offers estimation products and consulting that enable federal and commercial clients to estimate, track and benchmark software products