Quadrant 4 Education: Providing a Transformative and Connected Learning Environment

The advent of innovative education technologies in the last decade has brought dramatic changes in teaching and learning activities. The huge amount of data associated with those activities requires school districts to operate and monitor numerous reporting systems. Quadrant 4 Education, a division of Quadrant 4 System Corp (OTCQB: QFOR), is applying its expertise in balancing human and technical needs to serve education stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

“Quadrant 4 Education has created Empowered Solutions, an education information exchange platform to collect, integrate, and present information from all of a school district’s information systems in minutes rather than days or weeks. This supports better decision making, learning outcomes, and significantly reduces costs,” says Shekhar Iyer, President of Quadrant 4 Education.

Quadrant 4’s experience in managing the data of millions of users gives us the scale to serve school districts efficiently

A fully integrated component of Empowered Solutions is the Brainchild suite of solutions. Brainchild has provided research-based, award-winning instructions, interventions, and mobile learning solutions to schools for 20 years. Case studies and research of its personalized learning solutions confirm the higher academic achievement of at-risk learners, whether they are English language learners, special education students or from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. Empowered Solutions integrates student assessment data from state and third party sources with student, classroom, and school-wide standards mastery programs aligned to state standards. Progress reports measure academic growth and the need for targeted interventions.
In addition to academic reports, Empowered Solutions gives administrators connectivity to HR, payroll, transportation, and substitute teacher tracking information. “What makes Empowered Solutions different is having all the data and education solutions in one place. For any issue, whether it’s academic or human resources related, you can find information, make your plans, communicate them, then act on them,” said Jeff McMahon, CIO, Metropolitan School District of Decatur.
Shekhar Iyer, President
An example of Brainchild’s transformational effects on student achievement and schools’ loyalty to its programs is Dallas-Fort Worth’s `YES—Youth Enrichment Services,’ after school program. “After documenting significant higher student achievement in just six weeks over the summer, we implemented Brainchild’s web-based and mobile learning solutions all year round in our after school programs in 10 schools,” says Mandy Briones Watkins, VP of after school operations.

Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation is a vertical cloud platform company with a delivery track record in areas such as Healthcare, Media and Retail verticals. With its commitment to education, Quadrant 4’s education platform increases access to educational resources, reduces the cost of delivering quality education, and supports meaningful communications between all education stakeholders. Quadrant 4’s technology is a rich Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud based learning platform. It offers all learners not only a safe and vibrant environment that fosters the creation and maintenance of life-long learning communities, but one that is mobile, very service oriented, and standards-based. Instruction can be created, shared, and delivered without barriers, at any time and any place.

“Quadrant 4’s experience in managing the data of millions of users gives us the scale to serve school districts efficiently,” said Jeff Cameron, manager Brainchild’s operations. “With Brainchild’s 20 years of experience serving school districts, we understand how to tailor implementations and provide attentive service to their specific requirements and preferences.”

Quadrant 4 Education’s mission is to provide connectivity between academic, behavioral, and social interactions to improve student outcomes.

Quadrant 4 Education

Atlanta, GA

Shekhar Iyer, President

Offering a technology-rich platform that fosters a revolutionary way of delivering an individualized learning experience.