Quadrant Information Security: Offering High-caliber Security Services

It is imperative to realize that information security is not just about virus protection and patch management strategies. Although vital, these are simple aspects, which when implemented and managed properly, could ensure that an enterprise remains secure. Policy and Process implementation are examples of important parameters that are often overlooked in security enhancement process.

Along with these, administrative, technical and physical controls play vital roles in the widespread Information Security arena. Therefore, it is of foremost importance to develop an all-inclusive security assessment and management strategy. This has been the basis of work policies of Quadrant Information Security, a Florida headquartered information security firm, specializing in enterprise security consulting and managed security services.
Quadrant, founded in 2001, is committed to offering high-caliber security services for enterprises in different verticals and markets. There is purposeful focus on Information Security program management and associated technologies.

In addition, the company has proven expertise in auditing standards and procedure improvement.
Delivery and knowledge transfer are the priority aspects for services from Quadrant.Quadrant provides a wide range of services such as Information Security Review, Payment Card Industry Consulting, Regulatory Compliance Consulting, ISO 27002 implementation, WWW Application Security Testing, Staff Augmentation, VOIP Security Testing and Managed IDS / IPS installation process.
Quadrant’s ‘WindWhisper E-Mail Encryption’ system is a cost effective solution that mechanically encrypts emails depending on policy definitions, further allowing the release of encrypted e-mails to clients and employees through a pre-trust relationship via SSL on the host server.

Thereby, confident information is stored in the individual’s DMZ rather than by a third party. Under the leadership of Ian Bush, President, Quadrant takes pride in being the smart choice in ensuring a secure environment, by preventing unauthorized use, disruption, inspection, modification, destruction or recording, through unique offerings and consultative approach enabled by a dedicated team of security professionals.

Quadrant Information Security

Jacksonville, FL

Ian Bush, President

A provider of enterprise security consulting and managed security services supporting organizations in all vertical markets and protecting their sensitive data.