Quadric Software: The Guarantee of Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

Phil Baskette, CEO & Founder
An ever rising sea of data continues to threaten businesses across various industries, spelling opportunities for software companies to provide Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions that avert information breaches and loss. Further, many businesses are dealing with the challenge of attaining the necessary, and often expensive, data storage levels. However, through innovative backup technology, companies can cost-effectively gain redundancy without the headache of using backup tapes. Quadric Software, a Winooski, VT based software company, delivers a complete BDR solution through virtualization technology for businesses, government entities, and other organizations worldwide. “Inspired by the burgeoning XenServer community, we started Quadric Software a little over eight years ago with a simple mission—to contribute to, and grow the community by delivering exceptional BDR solutions and enterprise storage innovations to under-served markets,” explains Phil Baskette, Founder and CEO of Quadric Software.

Quadric Software’s Alike product line eliminates the complexities of backup software and storage costs, server ambiguity, and business continuity. A design philosophy of Alike has always been to do as much as possible while taking up the least amount of the user’s valuable system resources, and to help administrators overcome this challenge, the company focused Alike’s powerful deduplication capabilities on saving money locally, and in the cloud. “Alike regularly achieves impressive compression ratios as high as 96 percent, saving customers storage space and money,” adds Phil. Quadric Software’s Alike Standard and Alike DR both offer easy-to-use, valuable system resources and enterprise backup technology at an affordable price point. Furthermore, Alike offers some of the most powerful backup features at the software level, such as network-optimized transfers, block-level global deduplication, and data cryptography. Alike’s advanced capabilities, including true standby VM replication, disk and memory state backups, and cross-platform support for XenServer, Hyper-V, and Windows physical servers, give users the option to recover anything across any supported platform without any conversions.The completely overhauled Alike v4.0 was conceived for customers who wanted increased usability without sacrificing performance or cost-efficiency.

Alike regularly achieves impressive compression ratios as high as 96 percent, saving customers storage space and money

To compliment expanded disaster recovery features and cloud-based offsite vaulting, the new highly intuitive, web-based user interface can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Alike is the first backup solution to gain Citrix Ready certification for the XenServer platform, and it provides the leading crossplatform protection for Microsoft Hyper-V, and Windows servers.

The County Government of Henderson County, North Carolina uses Quadric Software’s Alike DR to manage their data because it allows for easy, quick recovery. With Alike’s advanced technical features, the County staff can protect their data with secure backups at a less expensive price point than most enterprise solutions. “We looked at Alike and one other specialized XenServer backup solution and concluded that Alike was clearly the superior choice,” explained Chris Staton, Network Administrator for Henderson County, NC. He adds, “By using the Alike software we’re getting a comprehensive disaster recovery solution with all the capabilities that we need.”
Amidst the booming climate of BDR technology, where a number of solutions continue to emerge, Quadric Software stands apart from other BDR solutions with impressive global deduplication capabilities, a commitment to the XenServer platform, and expert, personable technical support.

In the coming years, the company plans to expand its offerings and product portfolio with unique features to further meet data protection needs, as well as enhance the functionality of VM replication. Quadric Software looks forward to empowering customers across the globe with highly efficient, reliable backup and recovery software. “Our ongoing success is based on providing organizations with cost-effective, efficient, BDR solutions, and we continue to lead the data protection industry with our customer-driven approach,” Phil added.

Quadric Software

Winooski, VT

Phil Baskette, CEO & Founder

Delivering a complete backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution through virtualization technology for businesses, government entities, and other organizations worldwide

Quadric Software