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Peter Kozak, CEO
Modern enterprises generate massive amounts of data— beyond 2.5 billion gigabytes— on a daily basis. With email an essential repository for critical business information; managing the storage, compliance and eDiscovery needs have become high priority subjects for CIOs. Moreover, the potential problems surrounding issues such as data loss when handling live mailboxes with high volumes of content-rich emails has fueled the need for a fully-preserved email chain in case of later eDiscovery requirements. “With the increase in the amount of data comes the need to migrate it to new systems and locations quickly and efficiently,” says Peter Kozak, CEO of QUADROtech, experts in providing solutions that guarantee security, speed and value for money during data migration projects.

QUADROtech offers migration, real-time replication, Personal Storage Table (PST) consolidation and Live Mailbox solutions that empower Symantec’s Enterprise Vault customers to manage large quantities of data. “Customers utilize our solutions to reduce their data burden, for instance, removing offline data like PST files from the organization. “We help our customers realize new technologies such as new releases of Enterprise Vault or cloud options such as Office365 quickly, while managing both real-time replication and disaster recovery,” says Kozak. Alongside their main migration tools, ArchiveShuttle and MailboxShuttle, QUADROtech’s Sync’n’Switch technology focuses on migration strategy for the storage tier of Enterprise Vault. This removes the need to append additional Enterprise Vault systems when moving from one storage platform to another.

Using Sync’n’Switch, coupled with an accredited approach to safe and performant migrations, QUADROtech moves data between storage platforms quickly and easily—without needing additional hardware or infrastructure. QUADROtech also offers EVnearSync, which allows customers to get rid of the time consuming EV Backup process. “As archived data is static data, we replicate the archived items to a second datacenter, resulting in a recovery point objective of zero and a recovery time objective of just seconds. This simplifies two challenges— high availability and disaster recovery,” says Kozak.

As a leading Symantec Technology Enabled Partner (STEP) for Enterprise Vault migrations, QUADROtech’s technology can perform data migration volumes in excess of 280TB at the fastest rate, in a minimal timeframe.

With the increase in the amount of data comes the need to migrate it to new systems and locations quickly and efficiently

The company has recently assisted one of its clients, Fujitsu Australia, to complete a 14TB, 17,000+ mailbox migration. Fujitsu was looking to migrate from Exchange 2003 to 2010 to provide an enhanced mail experience for their growing workforce. Working alongside their platinum partner, Insentra, QUADROtech deployed ArchiveShuttle to synchronize a temporary background archive with the users’ live and archive mail. By taking the Sync’n’Switch approach, users access to live and archive mail was never disrupted. “We are currently helping a U.S. customer with its largest Enterprise Vault migration ever—280TB of data is being migrated and moved,” says Kozak.

QUADROtech is staffed by a group of highly experienced ex-Symantec personnel, cementing an in-depth understanding of the Enterprise Vault and related archiving technology. The company takes pride in being able to deliver a pilot migration in mere hours and helping its customers to migrate in a few days with its cloud platform, without requiring any hardware. “We can empower the migration from our cloud without any email content ever leaving the company,” states Kozak.

To improve this efficiency further, the recently announced Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP), tested into Office 365 and compared to the traditional Exchange Web Service Approach (EWS), establishes unparalleled performance per migration thread. “By continuing to bolster our technology in line with the direction of the market, and the needs of organizations, we will continue to innovate and find solutions to tackle the barriers that hinder many customers from adopting these technologies,” concludes Kozak.

QUADROtech Solutions

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Peter Kozak, CEO

Specializes in email migration projects, providing solutions that guarantee security, speed and value for money during the migration project and into the future.