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Jaqi (Jacqueline) Saleem, Founder and CEO Convincing another individual of anything, regardless of their biases, requires the existence of an honest, well-earned connection. Creating one amongst peers or acquaintances can be a fairly straightforward process. The same, however, cannot be said for businesses and their target audiences. The challenge of building strong relationships over multiple online and offline channels presents numerous problems for even the most tech-savvy enterprises.

Consider the role of a company’s website. It is the first among many touchpoints accessible to the market and defines the kind of experience a customer can expect. How does a business ensure that its brand is represented as accurately as possible over multiple channels, while establishing a strong connection with consumers?

The answer lies in delivering a contextualized customer experience (CX), which is easier said than done. But Qualified Digital (QD), with its passion-fueled marketing services, says otherwise.

QD brings to the table an impressive wealth of creative and technological experiences that help companies achieve the best business outcomes in the current hypercompetitive marketplace. It places great emphasis on strategy—looking at organizational goals from business, creative, data, technology, and ecosystem perspectives—and concentrates on creating more value for its clients and their respective customers. Through its passionate, connection-oriented approach, QD excels at marketing automation and executing tailored, multichannel orchestration strategies. Partnering with Adobe further solidifies its position as a reliable navigator in thisever-evolving landscape of contextualized marketing.

Before diving into QD’s ability to empower clients to enrich their CX journey, commenting on Adobe’s versatile, cloud-based, and transformational products is important.

Adobe provides the market with complementary applications that allow creators to thoroughly record, organize, and analyze data from across many touch points to develop promising new strategies. This small universe of collaborative software helps companies break out of the siloed pattern of structuring business operations. One team would typically work on developing the website, while another focused on advertising. The sheer amount of unorganized data that stemmed from such workflows was messy to manage, and delivering the right message to the right audience through the right channels became tedious.

Today’s Adobe ecosystem circumvents these hindrances, enabling professionals to map the experience back to each team to streamline workflows and strengthen an organization’s brand messaging. It is here that QD works its magic and supercharges what Adobe can do for a business.

“We take what Adobe has built and figure out how to bring our clients’ CX journey to life. We are creating something beautiful,” says Jacqueline Saleem, Founder and CEO of QD.

Through Adobe’s technologies, QD aids its patrons in breaking down what the consumer experience ought to look like using the thousands of data sets available on hand.
Working in partnership with this titan of industry has allowed team QD to learn and be intelligent in defining a client’s strategy execution across multiple avenues, including marketing automation channels that allow for curated emails and newsletters. Adobe’s creative suite enables the team to deliver a seamless, contextualized experience through numerous channels.

QD’s mastery of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, and Mark to Engage propel its services to a whole new dimension. Its desire to activate these tools to drive outcomes is simply insatiable. It frequently measures the impact a client is able to create and improves the same via data and analytics. The extensive design and code expertise it garners further strengthens a client’s collaborative and marketing competencies to manage a broad range of channels, and build products and experiences that consumers genuinely need and enjoy.

Historically, content management solutions assisted organizations in creating content within predictable layouts, which was then introduced to targeted audiences through a single touchpoint. WithAEM, content management transitioned into a new realm of marketing possibilities. The solution’s two key components— Assets and Sites—play a significant role in managing assets and publishing content online.

We organize content around who the consumer is, keeping in mind their attributes

AEM’s cloud-native digital assets manager (DAM) is an incredibly robust tool that allows users to effortlessly manage thousands of assets and promise the most personalized customer journeys. These platforms, coupled with the functionalities of Content Fragments and Experience Fragments, grant users the ability to organize content in a manner that elevates customers above traditional, single-channel methods of engagement. Orchestrated content delivery is the future, and QD’s capabilities help clients organize their material in order to publish to multiple different channels.

“We organize content around who the consumer is, keeping in mind their attributes,” states Saleem.

QD urges its clients to pose questions that would allow for improved customer engagement, where every little detail dictates the quality of content delivery.

Is the customer a B2B enterprise, a mid-sized business, or in the Fortune 500?

Based on such different contexts, how and in what way must the content transform?

At first blush, these are seemingly straightforward questions -but answering them becomes an increasingly intricate process. Fortunately, organizing content throughout a client’s existing ecosystem and implementing changes based on a target audience’s attributes is QD’s forte.

Through the Sites solution and the company’s proven services, clients are equipped with the ability to manage web content with ease, backed by AEM’s scalable artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities. The process of curating a personalized experience has never been this flawless. QD helps each client adapt quickly to present contextualized content across multiple channels, where the message being communicated through the story remains the same, with the same amount of influence.
Drawing attention to Adobe’s Analytics, it is undeniable that proper optimization and utilization of data determines the customer journey from any digital touchpoint. This truth leads Saleem to comment that, for QD, data collection is a never-ending process. Via Analytics, the company measures data from within the Adobe Experience Cloud. Every interaction with a customer involves studying the value of information a client possesses and what teams across the enterprise will benefit from the data insights. The best way to collect, organize, and analyze the data is then charted, ensuring optimal performance by the teams directly associated with executing and measuring experiences. QD ensures that its clients observe every possible interaction point to get a clear picture of what they expect of their customers. Whether working atop an existing design or starting from scratch, Saleem and her team excel at driving desirable business outcomes for clients by means of an enhanced CX.

Clients often complain that their website is not performing the way they intended or does not appropriately represent their brand. QD begins addressing the problem by first informing the client about what they should expect from their main revenue-generating channels. The company provides industry benchmarks and helps the business align its operational and monetary goals—thoughtfully and contextually.

One customer (now a long-term client) story perfectly showcases how QD’s expertise in the digital marketing ecosystem led to meaningful outcomes, far beyond what could have been achieved from the initial ask. This particular client reached out to QD to improve their site UX and design. In discovery, QD observed that the client’s business units operated in a siloed fashion, with web ops, advertising, and marketing automation teams rarely in sync. Additionally, the systems and platforms they were using could not scale at the same pace as the business. Visitor actions and behaviors were not being measured properly, so data could not be activated effectively. If improved, conversions could be significantly higher – they were leaving money on the table.

QD suggested the adoption of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to help the client gain insights and optimize the experience for the visitor. Once implemented, QD orchestrated programs that helped the client clearly understand where money was well-spent, where certain audiences were dropping off, and where there may be new opportunities for growth. The result was improved SEO and a 50 percent increase in conversion rate.

QD is one of a handful of consultancies in the space that customers can reliably trust to create experiences that are both beautiful and performative. This trust is a testament to the team QD has assembled, and the culture it embodies. They continue to attract and hire some of the most experienced, highly qualified talent the industry has to offer, because they understand that building meaningful connections starts with assigning great value to people—employees and customers alike.

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Jaqi (Jacqueline) Saleem, Founder and CEO

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