Qualite Sports Lighting, LLC: Illuminating the Dynamics of Sports

The dynamics of a sport on field cannot be transformed into a nighttime live event in the absence of innovative lighting technologies. From the fog of wee hours, to a light drizzle, to the excitement and anticipation of a tense competitive atmosphere, effective lighting is vital to capture a stadium’s energy in spectacular fashion. Steering the game to life, and meeting the voracious appetite of international HDTV broadcasting is Qualite Sports Lighting—with corporate headquarters located in Hillsdale, MI, offering high-quality, energy-efficient sports lighting systems. “With built-in controls for both wired and wireless systems, we provide lighting to meet the different needs of any professional and non-professional sports venue,” says Nick Page, President and CTO, Qualite.

Every Qualite lighting system is custom designed to accommodate diverse field sizes, obstructions and limitations for pole placement and luminance, as well as spill and glare requirements of customers. Qualite has installations for sports venues including soccer, lacrosse, football, tennis, baseball, softball, and cricket—from recreational to world level championships. Qualite provides comprehensive services which include; lighting designs, structural engineering, electrical and electronic control system design, pole foundation design, and life cycle analysis.

Qualite’s Q-LED System™ has a lifecycle of almost 225,000 hours and offers 111 lumens per watt—higher than any other sports lighting LED system currently available in the market. The Q-LED System has an IP66 rating for being impeccably dust tight and protected against powerful jets of water. The system is pre-wired, pre-aimed, and partially assembled. Additionally, Qualite deploys an aiming strategy that aids its application engineers to use appropriate software to provide the most efficient Q-LED light aiming techniques to customers. The control options accompanying the lighting system also allows greater flexibility for any stadium, sporting complex, or single field application. The Q-LED System was chosen and recently installed for the first LED-lit high school stadium in Colorado, as well as the first Recreation and Parks field in California.

With built-in controls for both wired and wireless systems, we provide highest quality lighting to meet the different needs of any professional and nonprofessional sporting event

Nick Page, President and CTO
Qualite’s customized technology options also include GreenStar™, employing the electronic ballast technology to achieve continuous light levels. The GreenStar system utilizes a 1500Wauto voltage sensing high frequency electronic ballast. This technology not only increases lumen output and doubles lamp life, but also allows for efficient dimming of metal halide without color shift and lumen loss.

Many customers have benefitted by choosing Qualite Sports Lighting Systems for their lighting projects. “We have also experienced a few ‘curve balls,’ typically during installations,” says Page. Many clients have approached Qualite for last minute installations with a crane on the event site to move poles or do final wiring. Qualite was more than ready with the requisite equipment and crew, and always completed the tasks seamlessly.

In an implementation highlight, the firm installed a lighting system at a cricket stadium to counteract the shortage of lighting contractors due to a nation-wide labor issue on the island country of St. Kitts and Nevis. “We were able to employ an installation crew to install the lighting system in time for a much anticipated large tournament,” adds Page. Qualite’s lighting system was so successful that St.Kitts and Nevis received an upgraded contract to host the prestigious Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournaments.

Qualite plans for continued growth by focusing on maintaining excellent relationships with specifiers and customers by providing multiple sports lighting solutions—metal halide and LED. “The long term benefits of LED lighting from an energy savings and minimal maintenance requirement will continue to entice customers to purchase our LED systems,” concludes Page. With 30 years of expertise in the sports lighting industry, Qualite also looks forward to providing customers with—”The new generation of sports lighting”.


Hillsdale, MI

Nick Page, President and CTO

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