Quality Network Solutions: Near Real-Time Support for Teachers

Mel Workman, President
With rapid technological advancements in the education sector, schools are adopting mobility and increasing their investments in hardware and infrastructure while inspiring teachers to better utilize technology in classrooms. But often, the school districts are failing to make the best use of their technology investments because of technical complexities. “Our mission is to give the teachers near real-time support so that when a problem arises, it is addressed immediately,” begins Mel Workman, President, Quality Network Solutions. When a good friend of Workman, a teacher by profession, discussed about the technology problems he was facing, Workman realized that schools were not effectively utilizing technology to improve the education sector. This spurred the creation of Quality Network Solutions; “We do our best to help teachers utilize the latest trends in the K12 space,” asserts Workman.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, the firm provides a vast array of services—ranging from consulting and onsite services to remote support and project management. As controlling what students are doing on mobile devices within the campus poses as a big issue, “We implement mobile device management software to track and maintain control over students’ mobile devices,” states Workman. Alongside, the company also undertakes a detailed analysis of clients’ hardware infrastructure, computers, and servers and puts together a plan to replace and upgrade anything that is unreliable. For schools that do not have the budget, “We provide zero percent financing for over three to four years,” says Workman. The firm re-works and re-engineers customers’ servers and network to achieve standardization across school districts. “We make everything identical and have a standardized process so that it is easier for the staff to manage schools,” remarks Workman.

We do our best to help teachers utilize the latest trends in the K12 space

Besides, the firm automates the entire technical process in school districts and provides real-time support. If a teacher faces any kind of problem, a request for help can be sent and the employees of Quality Network Solutions will respond within a few minutes. In case of on-site support, Quality Network Solutions’ team pays a visit to the classrooms to solve problems on the same day or within 24 hours. “We have well-organized service teams close to the districts we serve, enabling us to respond quickly to clients,” adds Workman.

In one instance, the company assisted a school district in Mendon, Illinois by upgrading their infrastructure. The customer had different kinds of technical issues and was looking for a solution to solve them and at the same time save operations costs. By adopting the services from Quality Network Solutions, the client could eliminate their technical support staff which enabled them to save about $20,000 annually. Alongside, the client could seamlessly utilize up-to-date technologies in their hardware.

Quality Network Solutions has already expanded its services in Southern Illinois and other parts of the country where it did not have an onsite presence. For the future, the firm is planning to improve its services and continue providing consulting, onsite, remote support, and project management services to school districts. “Our goal is to work with every district we can and solve their technical issues,” concludes Workman.

Quality Network Solutions

Sullivan, IL

Mel Workman, President

Provides a vast array of services—ranging from consulting and onsite services to remote support and project management

Quality Network Solutions