QualityLogic: A Smart Approach to Software Testing

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Gary James, CEO
In 2015, an international coffee giant saw a system-wide malfunction due to a software failure in its point of sales (POS) system. The incident led to the closure of 60 percent of their stores across Canada and the U.S. and caused a significant disruption to their business which cost the company millions of dollars.

While not all software malfunctions will be at this level of magnitude, it does serve as a warning to developers and programmers about the risk of releasing without testing. One key way to limit the risk is to implement a rigorous software testing process. Had the coffee chain ensured their software had been thoroughly tested, they may have had the chance to catch the error and save the company from a fiscal and publicity nightmare.

To help businesses avoid similar scenarios, QualityLogic—a U.S.-based software testing service company— undertakes a disciplined approach to ensure flexibility, scalability, and reliable performance of software. By providing a wide range of services encompassing functional, usability, accessibility, regression, and interoperability testing, the company helps clients develop and deploy best-in-class software while fostering profitability.

Since 1986, QualityLogic has provided companies with testing services and tools for software and hardware systems. Gary James, CEO at QualityLogic, says, “Back in 1986, we successfully set an industry benchmark with our test solutions. Our original tools provided core test solutions for language testing inside printers. In the 90s, we expanded our solutions to software testing that includes manual and automation test services. We have also moved into the smart energy market wherein we test different protocols and offer training internationally. To date, QualityLogic test engineers have worked on more than 4,000 successful test projects.”

Over the last three decades, QualityLogic has refined its process to offer the highest quality test services possible. The company works in collaboration with its clients’ internal teams throughout the development cycle. “We directly work with our client’s agile teams to help detect and prevent issues early in the process, assisting with continuous improvement processes” says James. This approach enables clients to deliver the best-in-class software and applications for their companies.

By working on different projects and programs, QualityLogic has built an extensive knowledge base of best practices in the industry. The company also leverages different automation platforms, test utilities, bug tracking systems and large inventory of devices and software/hardware systems to meet customer requirements.

Honesty, trustworthiness, and a passion for helping our clients release great software are the foundational pillars of our company

“A key factor that differentiates us from others is our flexible program management models and guarantee of service quality,” James says.

While engaging with clients, QualityLogic goes through a detailed question and answer phase to understand objectives, deliverables, timeline, and client expectations. Following this, they develop a detailed proposal for clients. “We typically win a high percentage of the proposals due to our experience, access to best practices, ability to work in virtually any environment and at a competitive price,” says James. He continues, “After winning a proposal, we deploy a team to work on deliverables. Following this, we go through a process of checking back with the client on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting their expectations.”

With such a unique approach, QualityLogic has engaged with many clients across diverse industry verticals— from healthcare to media and entertainment. For example, QualityLogic provided a global media and entertainment company with test strategy development assistance, and a full range of application test services related to UI, accessibility, and functionality leveraging QualityLogic’s huge inventory of devices. For another client, QualityLogic developed AI software to analyze thousands of manual regression test cases. This analysis resulted in significant reductions in overall test cases with immediate savings in the labor required for each regression testing cycle and informed which test case clusters were best candidates for test automation.

With a passion for helping clients release the best possible software, QualityLogic has established itself as a cornerstone in the software testing services industry. Looking forward, the company has mapped out a two-pronged growth strategy. James mentioned that the company is advancing software test services and test automation more deeply in niche markets and developing more protocol test solutions for the Smart Energy markets

“Honesty, trustworthiness, and a passion for helping our clients release great software are the foundational pillars of our company,” James concludes. “By adhering to these principles, we continue to build long-standing relationships with our clients.”


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Gary James, CEO

QualityLogic, founded in 1986, helps to solve compatibility problems between print systems and software applications. The company has developed industry-standard quality assurance test tools and test suites. QualityLogic is well-known for its ability to easily integrate with the existing QA process. Their knowledgeable and experienced team will develop the tools and services to release quality software and accelerate the development cycle. By supporting continuous integration, agile development practices, and by providing flexible engagement models to handle the ebb and flow of business requirements, QualityLogic helps to create quality software