Quantea Corporation: Delivering Insight beyond Network Monitoring

Nan Liu, CEO
Quantea Corporation, California based networking technology company was started on an idea of converging three key areas in technology—network traffic data intelligence, data storage and machine learning. “Our extensive experience working with many large organizations exposed us to several widespread gaps in the industry,” says Nan Liu, CEO of Quantea. “One observation is that no matter how many resources a firm has, there are always network performance and security issues; performance anomalies and sporadic quality of service issues plaguing the minds of network engineers and IT staff.” Quantea deciphered that none of the existing solutions effectively remedy the issues of network security, optimization and quality of the service because they cannot store full payload of the packets and go back directly to the source and analyze them comprehensively. The company leverages advancements in data storage, network packet search engine, network traffic replay and AI machine learning to create the effective solution un-paralleled to others in understanding potential unknowns in the network. Quantea’s QP Series empowers businesses gain insight into their network whether it is their network’s macroscopic topology or nanoseconds worth of network traffic, offering a wide level of granularity.

“We have merged network intelligence and data storage to create a highly capable product for uncovering the unknowns in any network,” adds Nan Liu. “The Quantea QP is an intelligent device that non-intrusively monitors key areas in any network.” To gain upmost visibility of the network, the QP series examines and records the network’s fundamental sources of information throughout the entire packet transactions. With the combination of 1PB of highly searchable network traffic, along with real time statistics/ monitoring and high performance in a single appliance, QP offers a compelling solution and approach to customers looking to finally solve pressing issues within their network. For example, one customer uses QP instead of using 200+ systems to measure the performance in a complex network.

We have merged network intelligence and data storage to create a highly capable product for uncovering the unknowns in the network

QP has capabilities such as network analyzer, network traffic generation; enterprise data storage and analysis software reducing costs by decreasing the points of failure and complexity compared to a multi-vendor solution. The QP requires less manpower and time to solve the same problems compared to ordinary solutions; it minimizes the data transfer between other systems that perform software analysis, traffic replay and data storage. The company’s solution has been successfully implemented in many of the most well-known customers especially in Japan, which has very strict standards when it comes to quality and ease of integration and they find the QP to be very compelling when it comes to capability and costs. In an instance, Yahoo Mobile in Japan (a Mobile Virtual Network Operator), reduced the workload to 15 minutes by 1 network engineer using a single QP from 10 engineers using 10 computer for 2 days. In another instance Tokyo-headquartered SoftBank used a single QP to store two weeks’ worth of DNS traffic and use Quantea’s search engine to find performance or security gaps within their services.

In the upcoming months Quantea is all set to introduce a powerful software suite to expand existing capabilities and new ways of analyzing network packet data. Also, the company is looking into expanding towards new markets and serving different types of clients in various verticals. “There is no doubt in my mind that we can build one of a kind company and with its global presence having multi-national customers from enterprises to telecoms, achieving our goal is affirmative,” concludes Nan Liu.

Quantea Corporation

Santa Clara, CA

Nan Liu, CEO and Michael Francisco, CTO

Provides a high performance solution to quickly solve any optimization/ security/Quality-of-Service issues within any network through full-payload packet capturing, high-speed search and analytics

Quantea Corporation