Quantum Dimension: Enhancing Communication and Navigation with IoT

Dr. Michael Enright, CEO
Drones and surveillance equipment warning high-ranking military officials about missile attacks endangering innocent civilian lives may fast become a pragmatic idea. Dr. Michael Enright, CEO of Quantum Dimension—a firm that offers navigation technologies, wireless and embedded communication devices—could hold the key in bringing this idea to life. With over 20 years of experience in development of communication and navigation technologies, “We have focused on developing less expensive, small form-factor devices which are highly efficient and maintain cutting-edge algorithms to support the needs of the customer,” elucidates Enright. The firm’s solutions include High Efficiency Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Power Amplifiers for tactical radios, software-defined radios, and collision avoidance technology for personal and commercial usage.

When it comes to defense forces, the lives of people depend on improvements in communication and navigation systems. “Our customers need the latest and best technology for their systems,” explains Enright. Presently, with advancements in technologies like Internet of things (IoT), communication and navigation, solutions are also becoming complex as customers want more functionality and efficiency with their devices. The growth of cellular and Global Positioning System (GPS) usage in both commercial and military applications has increased the need for more robust solutions to meet the required level of service in the domain.

Observing this, the company has designed the “HawQ-i Sense and Avoid” suite of solutions. This utilizes sensor-based technology to alert drivers of the presence of another entity within the vicinity—in the process preventing accidents. Operators can also use it to gather information about the people in the surrounding area and avoid mishaps that result due to poor visibility of the antiquated camera-based technologies. HawQ-i can also be employed at construction sites, industrial plants, transportation centers and other locations where vehicles and heavy equipment interface directly with employees or customers. The tool seamlessly integrates with smart devices like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ANT+, GPS and many more.

We have focused on developing less expensive, small form-factor devices which are highly efficient and maintains cutting-edge algorithms to support the needs of the customer

Quantum Dimension’s Pulse, is a companion device which can be detected by HawQ-i Sense and has capabilities like motion detection and other communication-enabled applications. Pulse also contains an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that can be used for security purpose. For example, if one leaves Pulse on a bike or stroller and someone attempts to steal it, the IMU will be activated and an alert will be instantaneously sent to a Pulse app-enabled phone of the user. Utilizing manufacturer specific data fields, Pulse takes variable sized data from smartphones and symmetrically encrypts it prior to “over-the-air” transmission. Sense devices, with knowledge of the shared key, can decipher the contained information. “We also believe that secure IoT solutions offer our customers significant advantages particularly in reducing development and lifecycle sustainment costs,” says Enright.

Quantum Dimension’s solutions consume 50 percent less battery than other portable devices so that clients do not have to recharge them at frequent intervals. The company has recently become a contributing technology member of the Edge Innovation Network, a program fostering continuous innovation to accelerate new technologies and innovative capabilities for war fighters and first responders. “We are excited about partnering with other members of the Edge community to further technology for the benefit of our military and first responders,” concludes Enright.

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Dr. Michael Enright, CEO

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