QuEST Global: Consistently Outperforming Committed Results to Customers

Ajit Prabhu, Founder
During his initial career stint at one of the renowned conglomerates, Ajit Prabhuwas quite fascinated by his engineering profession; but the passion to be an entrepreneur was always motivating him. That passion, one he nurtured since his school days,drew Prabhu towards forminghis own engineering company, QuEST Global, just at the age of 25.

With humble beginnings in Schenectady, US,QuEST Global etched its ethos of ‘born to engineer,’ into the fabric of the company’s offerings growing into 29 centers across the world today.The firm’s portfolio of services and solutions covers all aspects of the product development life cycle such as design and modelling through analysis, prototyping, automation, data documentation, instrumentation and controls, embedded systems development, manufacturing support & vendor management, and after-market services.The company brings it vast expertise to the benefit of customers in cutting down product development costs, shortening lead times, extending capacity and maximizing engineering resources availability. It has a global product development framework that is anchored on a local-global approach to ensure close co-operation between the customer teams and QuEST’s global teams.

QuEST Global optimizes capability, capacity and cost by strategically partnering with its customers in the aerospace and defense, oil and gas, energy/power and transportation domains to provide engineering services across the entire product life cycle.QuEST partners with few customers and its relationships are strategic. It’s all about understanding customers at QuEST.

We offer clients services of 3D CAD modeling and detailing support to specific standards and specifications

The processes are tuned towards this purpose so much so that the organization even recruits retired domain experts from its customers. QuEST’s global footprint in close proximity to its customers, and its multinational team provide customers a heady but rare mix of domain expertise, customer intimacy, vast talent pool and offshore cost advantage. What’s more dedicated and empowered engineering teams, a customer centric engagement model, strategic work-out sessions, and structured governance processes have helped QuEST to build credibility and trust with its customers. QuEST has a proven track record of building and scaling strategic customer relationships through planned co-investments.

According to John Rishton, CEO, Rolls-Royce, a partner of QuEST Global, “The growth of Rolls-Royce is dependent upon strong relationships with partners and suppliers such as QuEST Global. Our partnership has grown over the years, driven by the outstanding quality of work delivered by QuEST, we see plenty of opportunities to build on that success in the future.”

The firm serves a vast list of clientele starting from GE and Pratt & Whitney, to Airbus, UTC Aerospace Systems, Halliburton, Toshiba, Honeywell, Baker Hughes, GKN, Caterpillar and Siemens.

QuEST has proved to be a strategic partner through co-investments and innovatively addressing the shrinking engineering talent pool of its many customers. It standardizes and decouples engineering work streams in to those tasks that need high capable degreed engineers and tasks that can be successfully executed by others. QuEST has been successfully offering this solution to ensure that the people with the right capability are applied to the right engineering tasks thereby freeing up valuable resources for innovation and new product development initiatives of customers. QuEST has enabled its customers about $300M in cost savings.

Going forward, Prabhu hopes to take the company from its $235 million revenue mark in 2013 to $500 million in 2015.“While our competitors in this space are growing at 18 to 20 percent, QuEST is clocking at 40 percent,” says a confident Prabhu.


Charlotte, NC

Ajit Prabhu, Founder

Provides services and solutions covering all phases of the product development life cycle for aerospace and defense, oil and gas, transportation and energy/power industries