QuickFMS: Optimizing Asset Utilization

Amit Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO
Organizations with distributed workforce and infrastructure need to manage a wide range of resources—fixed and mobile to get maximum returns. Keeping a tab of assets, its status, and maintenance are vital for controlling a company’s expenses and equipments. To overcome the hurdles involved in the asset management, enterprises look for software solutions and technology platforms that assist them in successful asset management. The Tustin, CA based QuickFMS offers cloud-based asset management solutions which can be best utilized across industries. “Not only does it manage business from one centralized location, but also allows dividing the business into different modules along with providing automation tools to focus more on other important aspects of companies,” says Amit Prasad, Founder and CEO, QuickFMS.

The company’s asset management module helps organizations to increase productivity by effectively managing assets through its turnkey solutions. This enables controlling the complete life cycle of fixed assets, right from requisition tracking to disposal, while keeping records of physical assets insurance and warranty details. The solution keeps a check on asset consumption across departments, projects and facilities to reduce unwanted usage and property loss. For better traceability, it tracks resources assigned to employees in different locations while allowing the monitoring of inter and intra movement with gate passes. A unique asset ID is generated with optional integration to barcodes and radio frequency identification. The platform enables company’s management to easily obtain resource data availability and quantity in each location to plan asset allocation.

QuickFMS offer maintenance management modules comprising of a suite of solutions to efficiently increase asset utilization. It exhibits multitude of features to enhance organizational efficiency and reduced staff expenditure through improved property maintenance.

QuickFMS’ asset management module helps organizations to increase productivity by effectively managing assets through its turnkey solutions

The solution has the capability to create and update asset maintenance contracts and generates automated email and SMS reminders to never miss a schedule. Further, it generates specific users and also assigns different roles and responsibilities to maintenance staff in the company. Apart from these solutions, the firm assists business enterprises in managing space and helpdesk along with reservation and resource management. This feature displays a digitized, visual layout of the infrastructure and facilitates booking preferred spaces and amenities to invite participants or conduct conferences.

The firm’s prowess as an asset management solution provider has helped multitude of organizations to better utilize assets. Once, a global firm providing financial services had no information about their assets due to lack of a centralized inventory. The customer at multiple instances had to spend additionally as first hand asset information and location details were not available. Partnering with QuickFMS and deploying their solutions, the client had every single detail of the consumable assets and engaged them to maximum utilization across multiple processes. This resulted in a huge capital saving and reduced wastage of equipments and space.

QuickFMS, over the past few years has been successful as an asset management solution provider with its industry specific products designed to meet distinct needs of various departments. The company’s continuously evolving nature resulted in a worldwide presence and sales partnership with numerous organizations. To better serve its customers, the firm releases latest technology updates every three months and engages in periodic live updates to respond to customer feedbacks.


Tustin, CA

Amit Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO

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