CareSuite by QuickMAR

John Purnell, Vice President of Sales
In 2007, QuickMAR was an industry leading eMAR. Today it has transformed into CareSuite, a complete EHR centered on quality care.

Senior care providers have made tremendous strides over the past decade to improve the safety and quality care our seniors receive. It is a well-deserved change. During the industrial revolution and civil war, many of our seniors were displaced and subjected to almshouses, places of sorrow and neglect. In 1920, reform occurred and seniors were provided subsidies from the government to improve their living conditions. The nursing home boom began in the 1950s. This concept later developed into independent living, assisted living and more. It is exciting to see the senior care transformation. Today, more than a million of our seniors reside in U.S. assisted living facilities (ALF) and this number is expected to double by the year 2030.

Just within the last decade, improving medication management became a focus. An innovation in 2003 occurred, when Stan Turner, President of QuickMAR, developed a software to improve the med passes at his assisted living facilities. He understood that medication management had the greatest impact on his resident’s safety and quality care.

Knowing that his caregivers had very little technology experience, he designed the software to be easily used. He also worked with pharmacies to ensure that the software would integrate effortlessly into their operations. The software enabled efficiency and accuracy of the med pass and had a cascading affect on the overall performance of his facilities.

In 2007, Stan brought together a talented team of professionals to help him establish QuickMAR. Their vision was to improve medication accuracy and enhance resident safety by commercializing the product and making it available to the industry. QuickMAR’s brand promise was methodically developed and became, “Care Comes First.” The team realized that if Care Comes First, everything else will fall in line.

Both pharmacies and facilities saw the benefits of CareSuite and were now able to work as a team. Communications improved and the med process was streamlined. Facilities were able to reduce their medication errors by up to 90 percent. Passing meds went from 20 minutes per resident to just 5 minutes. Staff loved ordering medications online, view the time it was reordered, and then see when the pharmacy time-stamped it.

“Before CareSuite, residents would have to sign a paper before receiving medication and they didn’t like that.

QuickMAR’s deep expertise in medication management and resident safety, combined with an ambitious expansion into all other key areas, catapults CareSuite to the top of the EHR market

The complexity of passing meds could even prevent residents from taking their medicine.” AZ Mentor Group.

Today, CareSuite is no longer just an eMAR. It has evolved into a complete EHR that includes assessments, care planning, incident management, billing, marketing and so much more. During the release of CareSuite 4.0, Reed DeMordaunt, CEO of QuickMAR said, “We are pleased to see that QuickMAR’s brand promise, “Care Comes First,” has become the foundation of our technology. We have always felt that each resident is unique and their care should be as well.”

When Care Comes First, a trickle down effect occurs that positively impacts the residents, their family and loved ones, caregivers, administrators, owners and pharmacy partners.

Staff are able to complete weekly administrative tasks in 20 minutes versus 3-4 hours. With CareSuite’s assessment module, staff can now complete resident assessments in 45 minutes vs. 2 hours. Supervisor and administrator visibility has increased across the entire facility. Care plans are directly tied to assessments. Employee training has gone from 3-4 days to just 45 minutes. A lot of pharmacy technician time is freed up.

“With the use of CareSuite, our processes were simplified and the communication between the facility and pharmacy improved. The staff loves that if something is updated in one place, it’s updated everywhere. Nurses use the medication and charting notes portion, and caregivers enjoy using the ADL and behavior tracking. The employees love the software!”– Carrington Place.

CareSuite is built on a decade of experience, our quality medication management and EHR is trusted, recommended, and provided by more than 600 pharmacies to thousands of assisted living facilities across the United States, Canada and the UK.


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John Purnell, Vice President of Sales

Provides eMAR systems for long-term care facilities, aiding caregivers, integrating pharmacy software and providing day-to-day communication between pharmacies and their facilities