Quinnox: Solutions For Forward-Thinking Companies

CIO VendorAnil Kumar, CEO Founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2002, Quinnox is an IT services and consulting firm focused on delivering innovative solutions for forward-thinking companies in manufacturing, retail and distribution, and financial services. As a medium size company, it focuses on its ‘sweet spot’ in agility and expertise, which the company has used to help Fortune 500 companies achieve their business goals.

Promising to deliver success to its clients, Quinnox adds value through innovation in technology

Led by senior and seasoned professionals in both business and technology, the company has held key executive leadership positions in major banks, consulting groups, and technology products companies. All of these professionals are focused on only one mission-- to accelerate the success and delight of its clients, employees, and shareholders by delivering solutions for strategic relationships, leaders in technology and business management, and sustainable and profitable growth.
The company leverages strategic alliances with technology product companies including SAP, Software AG, Calypso, IBM and Oracle, among others, to offer collaborative, cost-effective and high value solutions to its clients. The company also offers packaged implementations and product development services. These solutions and services are provided with a dedicated focus on financial services, manufacturing and service, and retail and distribution verticals.

Quinnox’s application management system provides mission-critical support for both business and IT applications; value-added services for vital touch points such as database updates, EDI, reporting, data security, back-up, and recovery; cost-effective solutions to meet increasing demands on limited IT resources; continued high service levels for existing applications and systems. The Enterprise Application System provided by Quinnox helps organizations reduce costs with optimized processes and platform integration, improve efficiencies with proven frameworks, technologies and delivery methods, overcome M&A challenges or other organizational shifts to get the most out of change, and compete better with faster time-to-market and increased agility.

Quinnox also offers Testing as a Service (TaaS), a full spectrum of solutions that address the entire range of business requirements and validation objectives. Its mobile solutions help organizations compete with a go-to-market strategy designed for customer industries, control costs with affordable end-to-end solutions, maximize customer ROI with innovative mobile applications built to perform and maintain
customer advantage with long-term application support for their mobile portfolio.

Furthermore, Quinnox’s cloud capabilities and integration suite offers agile, flexible and business-boosting solutions that help organizations achieve faster time to market and increased agility with simplified deployment and management, and reduce costs with improved productivity, infrastructure utilization, automation and collaboration.

Promising to deliver success to its clients, Quinnox adds value through innovation in technology; by building IP assets that can influence their customized needs; by effectively leveraging partnerships and strategic alliances; and by empowering the company’s teams to make independent decisions which ensure clients’ success. It also promises to deliver success to its employees to enhance their management and technical prowess, which is then aligned to the needs of its clients, whether these needs be routine or sophisticated and complex. With a team culture that is focused on client satisfaction and driven by its clients' needs, the company has aligned its growth to its clients' gain in the markets in which it operates.

Various companies have benefited immensely with Quinnox’s solutions. “As a mid-size company, Quinnox matches up with our large company very well. They don't work for us, they work with us”, says a CIO of a leading U.S. data communications and telecom equipment provider. Quinnox aims at being the most relevant and valued partner to those it serves.


Chicago, IL

Anil Kumar, CEO

Global provider of full- spectrum IT lifecycle solutions