Quistor: Streamlining Business Processes with Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Jack van den Brink, Partner
While organizations are still embracing the mobile trend, new technologies like Big Data, cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) are already coming in to the picture faster than ever. As a result, companies are increasingly investing in the software licenses and are moving towards the cloud. Jack van den Brink, Partner, Quistor believes that implementing an appropriate cloud strategy and selecting the true customized cloud architecture can ensure organizations to achieve greater business value during the cloud migration process. “However, most firms are still struggling to transition into the cloud in a way that allows them to leverage their existing investments on technology while reducing data center management and hardware costs,” says van den Brink. Headquartered in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, Quistor provides Cloud Advisory Services to empower organizations, which are migrating to the cloud from the network/hardware to the application level.

The firm is an Oracle Platinum Partner with a number of specializations in JD Edwards ERP and Business Intelligence (BI). “We are one of the few Oracle partners encompassing the complete Oracle stack from engineered systems to the applications,” beams van den Brink. “Based on our expertise on the Oracle solution platform, we advise customers on the effect of engineered systems for their JD Edwards ERP or BI application,” he adds. At present Quistor helps its customers in optimizing their systems without having to involve various partners for hardware, Operating System, Database, Middleware and Application technology needs. Additionally, the company is offering IoT solutions based on Oracle and other third party technologies to companies, which are integrated with Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle’s main on-premise ERP system.

Quistor uses the Oracle BI solutions to assist customers in their BI projects and help them gain from its comprehensive capabilities including—enterprise reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, multi-dimensional OLAP, scorecards, and predictive analytics on an integrated platform. “Quistor has the necessary skills to design, implement and maintain state-of-the-art BI solutions and achieve information out of the data from Oracle JD Edwards or any other system,” extols van den Brink.

Based on our expertise on the Oracle solution platform, we advise customers on the effect of engineered systems for their JD Edwards ERP or BI application

An ardent soccer fan and player for 40 years, Van den Brink believes there is a close resemblance between the game and Quistor under his leadership. “You can have the best individual players but this will not bring the best team,” he adds. The success of Quistor adds credence to its team which comprises of the best mix of players in all areas—ones scoring, defending or the ones doing the hard work at midfield to positively impact the game. Following the same conviction, the firm is investing in the growth areas and recruiting young professionals to keep up with the growing demand and competition.

Quistor has a unique feature of showing tenacity for staying relevant and delivering technology which facilitates business objectives and satisfies customers. While most companies often only provide ‘break-fix’ or ‘reactive’ support, Quistor integrates ‘pro-active’ monitoring and daily ‘health checks’ into its service portfolio. “We reasonably prevent things from breaking down by providing common IT preventive maintenance activities to the customers because they can prevent numerous ‘break-fix’ sequences,” says van den Brink.

The next decade is about cloud transformation, business agility, and innovations. Quistor foresees opportunities in the cloud domain in the coming years and plans to run its services on-premise ERP systems in public cloud infrastructure such as Oracle Cloud Services, AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

Jack van den Brink, Partner

Provides the complete Oracle stack to customers for their JD Edwards ERP or BI application, from design to run and maintain on 24/7 bases