Quorum: Driving Uninterrupted Business Processes

John Newsom, CEO
Data plays a vital role in the way businesses run today. This has placed increased importance on IT protection, whether in the form of data backup and recovery or maintaining high availability of services. “While data is a critical asset that no organization can afford to lose, data recovery alone in the modern technology landscape is no longer an acceptable central focus,” opines John Newsom, CEO at Quorum. With the massive adoption of data intensive technologies such as virtualization, cloud, and Infrastructure as a Service, IT’s focus is now shifting to “not just having their data backed-up and recovered, but to see that it is made available at a pace ensuring uninterrupted business operations in case of a disaster.” Addressing all the modern business requirements concerning data recovery is San Jose CA-based Quorum. The company’s patented onQ system of products and hybrid-cloud services— also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)—go beyond traditional data protection. “We enable organizations to use their protected data and applications on alternate clone systems ‘instantly’ in the event that one—or even all—of the servers (physical or virtual) fail,” reveals Newsom.

Quorum’s onQ Flex keeps up-to-date copies of the operating system, applications, and data files on local and cloud appliances, ready-to-run recovery nodes, and virtualized server clones. It combines ‘Disaster Recovery on Demand’ and ‘Instant Disaster Recovery’ capabilities to deliver priority recovery of mission critical servers. “This offers the same benefits as a replicated data center, in a simple and efficient way and at an affordable cost,” says Newsom. In case of a disaster, a recovery node is created from the latest backup, ‘on demand,’ facilitating business operations to continue as usual. onQ Flex allows businesses to prioritize based on the level of protection they want for each server. It enables administrators to assign different recovery levels to each server in an IT environment. This varying level of protection allow businesses to meet their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) needs,where within the set time and service level, the operations are recovered.
For Instant Disaster Recovery, onQ Flex generates updated virtual clones of servers that are ready-to-run on local appliance, or in the cloud with just one click—during storage, systems, or site failures. “As onQ’s core technology was originally created for the U.S. Naval combat systems, its reliability is unrivaled,” remarks Newsom. “The recovery time for onQ is measured in minutes, not days.”

The recovery time for onQ is measured in minutes, not days

As the hardware and software systems are constantly changing in an organization, the data backup or data recovery solution must take every change into account and be up-to-the-minute. With the Quorum Hybrid Cloud Service or DRaaS, the recovery solution is tested every day to know if it carries the latest information. “If disaster strikes, up-to-date virtual clones or recovery nodes can take over the business operations,” extols Newsom. Also, Quorum Hybrid Cloud synchronizes with the on premise onQ High Availability (HA) appliance, which maintains critical applications and creates a virtual machine clone in the cloud after each update. “This clone can be run in the cloud for testing or after a disaster, with or without the presence of the local onQ HA appliance or the recovery image,” adds Newsom.

The ability to provide assured one-click backup, recovery, and continuity through simple and cost-effective solutions has garnered Quorum an impressive clientele across financial services, legal, healthcare, and retail. “We are focusing on building strategic alliances with prominent Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and cloud service providers, which will empower us to serve our customers even better,” concludes Newsom.


San Jose, CA

John Newsom, CEO

Quorum provides assured, one-click backup, recovery and continuity, helping businesses safeguard their revenue, customers and reputation.