Quri: Transforming Retail Execution through In-Store Visibility

Mark Cook, VP Product
The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is under increasing pressure to achieve significant growth in revenue, margins and market share. The heightened competition, coupled with continuously changing behavior of consumers is adding to this pressure, leaving manufacturers in a lurch. Steered by a group of battle-hardened CPG professionals, Quri is a retail intelligence and analytics company that gives consumer brands and retailers the visibility to view what their shoppers are seeing, and then use analytics to immediately correct the problems. “At Quri, we provide a SaaS approach to in-store visibility and retail analytics. The customer gets the insights they need without the hassle of managing a platform,” says Mark Cook, VP Product, Quri.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Quri uses crowdsourcing via its own nationwide force of consumers to measure store-by-store execution gaps, so that manufacturers can immediately alert the field teams or in-house teams to take corrective action. This allows organizations to provide better shopping experience for shoppers and higher in-store sales.

Quri’s flagship product, Spotlight, is a visibility product dash¬board that provides CPG manufacturers an easy way to under¬stand in-store conditions such as display execution or inventory issues. “Spotlight provides visibility in a quantitative manner to data collected by our field force,” claims Cook.

Impact, Quri’s analytic tool, highlights the factors that make a difference to sales. Impact works on the operational level allowing organizations to have a clear view of what the next step should be.

Quri crowd-sources data using its EasyShift iOS and Android applications. “We have spent a lot of time developing the user interface of the app in order to provide the highest quality data for our clients,” says Cook.
“We were the first to heavily invest in user experience and in a dashboard that allows organizations to quickly and easily figure out what’s going on,” claims Cook. The company differentiates itself by its approach towards solving particular client issues with a focus on helping organizations to get the required information from business. “At Quri, we start with the business problem, and determine what data needs to be collected and analyzed. “We have built our platform with a focus on solving CPG problems from day one and giving manufacturers the much needed insight to make decisions,” he adds. “Through this, clients can forecast, plan and react much faster. Our vision is to revolutionize how CPG manufacturers execute at retail,” asserts Cook.

Our vision is to revolutionize how CPG manufacturers execute at retail

Since its inception, Quri has been working with major food and consumer goods manufacturers, helping them measure their promotions and strategy. For instance, a major alcohol distributing company was facing difficulties in understanding how the distributors are performing in the local market. After implementing Quri’s solution, the company was able to measure the performance and get a better view of their promotion execution. Quri helped the company to improve its distributor’s performance in a weekly, monthly and annual basis, allowing the company to get a better visibility of the data and implement tactical changes accordingly.

Moving forward, Quri plans to reinvent and revolutionize retail execution which will not only supply information but help organizations fundamentally rethink their business processes,” concludes Cook.


San Francisco, CA

Mark Cook, VP Product

Quri is a retail intelligence and analytics company. Quri gives consumer brands and retailers the visibility to see what their shoppers are seeing and the analytics to immediately correct the problems they find.