Quture: Fostering Optimal Clinical Outcomes

Landon Feazell, Chairman & CEO
Landon Feazell, Quture CEO, describes his time bodysurfing as more than encountering the foaming waves, “When you’re bodysurfing, it’s not just about looking at the surface; you have to pay close attention to the patterns that tell you what’s beneath the surface – sandbars, troughs, rip tides, currents. I t’s about p ositioning y ourself in the curl to harness energy.” Feazell’s bodysurfing tactics ground his personal philosophy—identifying what’s not obvious, seeing things as they can be and asking why not. These axioms drive Quture to its products and services today. “Quture mirrors this vision and commitment to continuously learn by identifying patterns that empower value-driven performance of the right clinical processes to achieve optimal clinical outcomes,” says Feazell.

Quture carved its niche through vast experience reviewing clinical performance and outcomes in hundreds of healthcare organizations, by thousands of physicians, for hundreds of thousands of patients. Its QualOptima informatics platform embeds the technology Quture invented and engineered to capture electronic patient data, measure clinical performance and achieve optimal clinical processes of care. By anticipating value-driven payment, Quture is the most promising informatics system for value-based, optimal clinical, operational and financial outcomes. Quture’s provider clients’ urgent need is to define the value of their healthcare services and prove the value of their outcomes.

As a unique analytics company, Quture captures and measures clinical data from a strategic second-generation database developed from existing disparate databases employing its powerful interface engine. Its uniqueness comes from its expertise and experience, not only measuring but developing solutions. Unlike its counterparts relying on irrelevant billing codes, Quture collects clinical data from EHR/EMR systems and d isparate e lectronic d atabases. “ We solved our interoperability obstacles with our interface engine to unlock data inaccessibility, strategically centralizing data in one location, our second-generation database,” said Feazell.

Further, Quture leverages machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computational trigger algorithms and unsupervised learning analytics to aid physicians, nursing teams, and healthcare organizations to have summarized data of patient health status and assess unexpected patterns.

We calibrate clinical performance and outcomes measures using patient-specific risk, fitness, and omics factors for precision medicine and population health

QualOptima collects unstructured data from narrative text in discharge summaries, history & physical examinations, operative, radiology, and pathology reports using NLP.

As payment and delivery models have evolved, Quture’s patented methods uniquely focus on personalized medicine. “We see people not just as patients but as individuals who seek health and wellness, who want to be engaged in their well-being and care,” says Feazell. “We calibrate clinical performance and outcomes measures using patient-specific risk, fitness, and omics factors for precision medicine and population health.” QualOptima predictive modeling analyzes individual patient care processes and outcomes. Quture connects people to their care plans and data for lifestyle and health care decisions. This unique functionality has garnered Quture recognition as an “exponential learning platform”, giving users the ability to look at specific metrics to maintain wellness while predicting risk of diseases. Enabled patients with remote monitors, sensors and wearables use QualOptima in their quest to improve quality of life, cooperating with their physicians relying on disease interception using advances in omics, biomarkers and interventions. In one instance, Quture collaborated on a project identifying high-risk pregnancies to intervene before developing gestational diabetes.

Quture most recently enhanced QualOptima’s patient safety classification, analysis and intervention systems to solve the medical errors epidemic through an exclusive contract with HFACS. The future for Quture is to transition from retrospective analytics to provide clinical decision support, personalized to the patient at point-of-care in real-time with predictive modeling. Quture’s vision is optimal health and health care measured by value-driven outcomes. Quture empowers patients, providers and payers (P³) for data-driven decisions (D³) for a wellness healthy lifestyle as well as medical care decisions.


Daytona Beach, FL

Landon Feazell, Chairman & CEO

A provider of technology solutions based on patented clinical intelligence system to electronically capture performance and measures calibrated by patient specific predictive factors