R3D Consulting: Reinventing the Three Dimensions of the Enterprise

CIO VendorEric Ibarra, VP-SAP Practice, America
Eric Ibarra, VP-SAP Practice at R3D Consulting, loves to hit the slopes with his family and friends; he considers this a fun project that involves meticulous planning. “We start by selecting the most demanding and enjoyable route down the hill and plan the meeting point at the base,” affirms Ibarra. “With very few stringent rules, we ensure that we have fun, respect each other and the elements, challenge ourselves, and finally stay safe,” he adds. The same meticulous planning and caring attitude takes center stage, when he is leading R3D SAP Practice. “We consider our team as members of the R3D family and our customers are the extended members who take the downhill trip together with us, having a bit of fun along the way and getting to the end of the planned route. We celebrate at the bottom of the hill for few moments and then, take on another challenge,” explains Ibarra.

R3D stands for "Reinventing the Three Dimensions of the Enterprise," i.e. the human and operating environment, technology infrastructure, and business applications. The company is renowned for providing management and IT services, more specifically through its SAP Practice helping enterprises implement or improve their ERP environment. Clients’ needs range from a first implementation or adding new functionalities, consolidating an aging portfolio of applications or supporting an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy. We have proactively developed the tools, and methodologies to deliver successful global projects,” notes Ibarra.

“We have built our reputation in a strong set of values and we are proud of our ability to deliver on time, and on budget,” says Ibarra. “Our approach is built around three independent but related components to success—namely ‘R3D Talent Management’, ‘R3D Change Management’ and ‘R3D Quality Management. This is because we consider that investing in assigning the right, experienced consultant in the specific area is a key for us,” he adds.
R3D also considers that managing the change is not only part of the responsibility of certain individuals of the team; it is the responsibility of every single team member. Hence, the company makes sure that each of the team members has a clear understanding of what is the contribution that they have to make for a successful transformation.

When it comes to innovation, R3D is among the best. The company’s add-on solutions that complement client’s existing SAP ERP architecture and R3D Digital Development Studio, which is an agile platform that focuses on developing Web and Mobile applications, are the best illustration of this. Though R3D is a relatively midsize Consulting Services firm ($90 million of Revenue in 2014), the company’s clientele includes some of the most prominent enterprises from all over the world. For instance consider the case involving Faurecia, which is the fourth largest supplier of automotive parts in the world. The client began an important business transformation seven years ago, which required the deployment of a global SAP template in every plant; R3D was approached for assistance in the project, starting with four plants in the U.S. As a result of this engagement, R3D has so far implemented the global SAP template in more than 45 plants in the Americas.

We have built our reputation on a strong set of values and we are proud of our ability to deliver on time, and on budget

Going forward, the company aims to become the ‘go-to’ partner for IT organizations with challenges around SAP solutions and Digital technologies overall offerings. “To do that we will continue to deliver successful SAP Programs, expand our capabilities to deliver digital transformation, and increase our services in Business Analytics and ecommerce,” concludes Ibarra.

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Eric Ibarra, VP-SAP Practice, America

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