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Kevin M. Jones, Chief Executive Officer In today's digitally-driven business ecosystem, technology has become a key component for all companies. The rapidly evolving technological environment has made it challenging for businesses to stay atop their IT game. As it becomes difficult to focus on their core business activities, organizations turn to managed service providers to cover a gamut of services from security, network administration, IT support, and data backup to business process streamlining and anything else that requires a day to day administrator to keep the company connected. A decade ago, a competent IT company could efficiently run its client's email, servers, infrastructure, and network. Now it takes a whole team and a colossal stack of products to manage all these services.

For many years, managed service providers have been quietly functioning in the background to keep organizations running smoothly. Today, they have turned into a company's greatest hope for surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world. Given the upheaval of business strategies, managed service providers help organizations stay abreast and provide enormous opportunities for organizations pursuing digital transformation. As witnessed, businesses with the foresight to invest in digitizing core processes have been better placed in navigating the pandemic's ramifications. As companies across industries reexamine their priorities, managed service providers have also had to crank it up a notch. Scalability is the name of the new game. Managed service providers need to scale their services to integrated cloud architecture at every level, along with the existing email, security, network administration, IT support, and data backup.

Perfectly poised to mitigate these challenges of the managed services industry is Rackspace Technology, a multicloud solutions expert with the world's leading technologies across applications, data, and security, enabling businesses to grow, increase efficiency, and deliver the future. With its multicloud solutions expertise, Rackspace does more than solve workload problems; it creates business advantages and enables clients to work faster, smarter, and ahead of what's next. "T he multicloud is complex landscape, constantly changing with new rules, new pricing and new service offered. As a result, even the most sophisticated IT organizations at the world's largest companies need help managing their multicloud environment," asserts Kevin M. Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Rackspace Technology.

Transforming Operation into Optimization

Managing an entire technology estate can strain an organization's internal resources.
With its managed services, Rackspace Technology alleviates organizations off the burdens of day-to-day technology operations. The company eliminates the need for teams to operate, update, monitor, and respond to events. The company's Continuous Modernization methodology ensures that they are constantly optimizing the client's work environment, looking for ways to make it more effective and efficient. Rackspace's proprietary platforms like Rackspace Fabric, services like Optimizer+, and thousands of cloud certified professionals enable organizations to continue performing at the highest levels, freeing their teams to drive results that make a difference in their business.

Rackspace Technology has safely built a product portfolio that help companies, small business, mid-market to enterprise navigate the entire lifecycle of their multicloud journey including the infrastructure, applications, data and security

Rackspace Technology simplifies cloud management through its managed services by providing industry-leading tools and access to round-the-clock expertise to its clients. The Account and User Management feature offers easy, single-pane-of-glass administration, giving clients the option to define and manage user roles and permissions across their organization. Rackspace's Always on Support enables countless custom deployments, solves customers' challenges across every industry, and maintains partnerships with leading vendors and providers. The Rackspace Waypoint keeps clients informed with a high-level overview of spend, risks, and operations for all their accounts. The company's Compass feature helps navigate environments across several dimensions, including automated best practice checks, cost optimization, security and inventory management, and utilization reporting.

Innovation through Expert Cloud and Data Management

Cloud management and operations experts at Rackspace Technology are well equipped to handle its clients' infrastructure complexities across the world's leading cloud platforms while freeing more internal resources for them to work on their core business. The company works with the clients to design and build purposeful infrastructure that meets the client's and their customer's needs, giving them the advantages of advanced cloud capabilities like support for Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, AI, machine learning, containers, and more.
Rackspace's experienced team of engineers and project managers are also capable of leading an organization's migration and build in optimization tooling, allowing them to improve performance and reduce costs continually.

Rackspace Technology combines cloud platform and data management system expertise with industry-leading technologies to help clients move and manage their data while minimizing risks, disruption, and downtime. Cloud-native data management enables the performance and availability of commercial-grade data solutions at a fraction of the cost. But a complex transformation inhibits an organization's goal to accelerate innovation while optimizing cost. Rackspace Technology sets its clients up with an expert team and the right services to improve their performance and availability while optimizing the budget to drive innovation.

Optimizing SaaS

Applications The p ay-as-you-go cost model of SaaS applications with any time, anywhere access from any device makes it an attractive replacement for high-value, low-complexity on-premises applications. Yet, many businesses spend more time and money customizing and deploying their solutions than building a solution that truly meets their needs. Optimization experts at Rackspace Technology understand a client's business and processes to guide them to a scalable solution that works best for their needs. The company helps them update to a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use SaaS that helps clients save costs, enabling them to shift budgets to other essential resources.

Updating legacy applications with SaaS provides cost savings by eliminating the upfront cost of purchase or installation and on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades. SaaS offers secure, scalable, reliable, and always available access to the client's applications increasing productivity within the organization. Once the application has been enabled, end users can quickly access the application and realize its benefits. They are also more likely to increase adoption due to ease of use. Rackspace's optimization experts help choose the right SaaS solutions and make the most of their capabilities as part of the client's multicloud strategy, helping them achieve their business goals.

As multicloud adoption continues to gather pace across all industries, Rackspace Technology is perfectly poised to meet the increasing demands with its end-to-end stack of managed services that continually optimize the business environment. "Rackspace Technology has safely built a product portfolio that help companies, small business, midmarket to enterprise navigate the entire lifecycle of their multicloud journey including the infrastructure, applications, data and security," notes Jones.

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Rackspace Technology is a multicloud solutions expert with the world's leading technologies across applications, data, and security, enabling businesses to grow, increase efficiency, and deliver the future