Rackwise: Optimize Data Center Efficiency Through DCiM Product Suites

With the trend of dispensing intricate data, the charge of setting-up and managing robust data continues to shoot up. Improving efficiencies, dropping costs, and maintaining availability of data are chief priorities for today’s data center administrators. In order to accommodate the data into conceivable information, Rackwise, headquartered in Folsom, CA, is offering tracking, monitoring, modeling, and management of data through Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) tools. Through DCiM tools, they optimize data center facilities and IT infrastructure cost analysis.
Rackwise’s DCiM solutions are built to meet the comprehensive needs of data centers and to help businesses manage and measure operational capacity and efficiency. Rackwise provides clients with a variety of deployment options that allows them to choose the model, according to their business requirements. The models include Rackwise DCiM X Enterprise Perpetual License, Rackwise DCiM X Enterprise Annual Subscription License, Rackwise DCiM X OnDemand and Rackwise DCiM X Turn-Key Implementation.

The company’s flagship product, Rackwise DCiM X provides adaptable DCiM capabilities within a central, scalable platform to facilitate visualization, modeling, measurements, reports, accountability, and analysis tools for creating informed decisions about enterprise and data center infrastructure management. “Rackwise DCiM X offers an unrestricted real-time monitoring capability for measuring critical information. This critical information includes power, current, temperature and other elements from servers, switches, power equipment, smart power-strips, and dedicated sensors by leveraging industry standard communication protocols,” says Guy Archbold, Director, CEO and President at Rackwise. DCiM X is based on SaaS subscription model, Rackwise OnDemand and offered as an on-premise solution, and can be installed in either a virtual server or physical server inside data environment.

“DCiM X incorporates open architecture designs into a vendor agnostic platform, affording IT expert maximum flexibility for efficient integration in any computing environment,” asserts Archbold. The company’s DCiM X identifies hidden capacity and improves efficiencies, resulting in faster ROI. RACKWISE DCiM X is built on Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Visio, Excel, and IE browser. With Rackwise DCiM X features, the company provides ‘Green Data Center’ to calculate data center carbon footprints.
Client can effectively manage high density computing configurations and virtualized data centers, alleviate risks within the infrastructure, and facilitate more sustainable ‘green’ data centers. “Organizations that go ‘green’ not only save environment, they also save energy, which results in significant cost savings for them,” states Archbold.
As a part of enhancing their product range, Rackwise offers remarkable professional and training services. “Our Professional Services teams are data center experts with extensive knowledge in data center implementations, project management, DCiM and ITIL best-practices. We provide rapid implementations that can be customized according to client’s preference,” states Archbold. The company’s Training Units help clients become proficient on core product such as customizations or how to utilize advanced capabilities of Rackwise DCiM X software investment. Additionally, Rackwise has a global network of certified resellers, service providers, and solution integrators. These experts assist in sales reach, deployment services, and support services to clients across the world.

DCiM X incorporates open architecture designs into a vendor agnostic platform, affording IT expert maximum flexibility for efficient integration in any computing environment

Moving forward, Rackwise will consistently evaluate new breed of technology and will continue to increase their specialized service practice in data center management. The company looks forward to provide critical insights into data center unification strategies. “Our goal is to ensure that every client accomplish superior results by leveraging Rackwise DCiM X software and boost their enterprise and data center infrastructures,” concludes Archbold.


Folsom, CA

Guy Archbold, Chairman of the board of Directors, CEO, President

Provider of products that address a breadth of requirements in the data center infrastructure management market place.