Radiant Networks: The Security Evolution

When it comes to Professional Services, IT Channel Partners are unable to keep up with the formidable and rapid technology transitions that vendors are constantly adapting with. In such times, what they need to excel within a multi-vendor ecosystem is expert guidance, and this is precisely what Radiant Networks brings to the table with its unique partner-to-partner business model. Headed by a group of former seasoned Network Engineers, Radiant Networks is making waves with its premier consulting and professional services around enterprise networking, security, and wireless mobility. What’s Radiant’s end goal? To bring the latest and greatest in IT Infrastructure to all partners, large or small, helping them leverage multi-vendor value propositions to the fullest.

Having catered to the enterprise for 13 years, Radiant Networks holds a broad base of expertise when it comes to networking and integration services. “We have been a longtime partner of Cisco & Fortinet, and we believe that these two companies offer the most comprehensive IT Security solutions which every enterprise in corporate America should consider,” asserts Dan Cooper, president of Radiant Networks. In addition to being a Cisco Premier Certified partner, Radiant Networks is also Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), and enterprise networking certified; indicating that their clients are truly in the best hands. Radiant Engineers hold over 20 active IT Certifications across numerous vendor training programs such as Cisco, Fortinet, HPE Aruba, CWNP, and more.

Depending on the need and the scope of a project, partners can avail Radiant Networks’ offerings either as a standalone service or opt for a cradle to grave approach. From consulting to design, implementation, deployment, and validation, the company delivers end-to-end solutions based on industry standard best practices. “In every step of the way, we take time to provide knowledge transfer and training to our customers for seamless technology transitions,” mentions Cooper.

Andrew Shipton, the Chief Information Security Officer and Director of Engineering at Radiant, goes on to add, “At present, with the rise in MDM, BYOD, and Multi-Factor Authentication, we are observing an influx of integration needs for products such as Cisco ISE, one of the leading global Network Access Control solutions.

We take time to provide knowledge transfer training to our customers for seamless technology transitions

We are at the forefront of such demands by being able to implement these cutting-edge technologies. We are also seeing a significant rise in e-Mail Security solutions such as FortiNAC and Cisco ESA.” Radiant Networks has completed large scale multi-node ISE deployments (up to 20 nodes) across several continents for multi-national organizations. But ISE integration is just the tip of the IT Security “Iceberg” Shipton goes on to say. The company is also adept at a number of diverse platform integrations for both wired and wireless platforms centered around VPN, DNS, e-Mail, while enhancing network segmentation and visibility across enterprises. With the rise of current security threats that involve modern enterprise networking at all levels, Radiant Networks is also skilled at overall security hardening procedures and SD-WAN integration, which is becoming particularly popular via Fortinet. What speaks volumes about their credibility is the fact that today, most of Radiant Networks’ clients, from the healthcare sector to universities, have been sourced by word-of-mouth referrals.

In the latter half of this year, the company is also looking forward to achieving its Master Security Specialization from Cisco along with becoming Fortinet Gold Partners. Currently, only a handful of service providers in the market hold this specialization, which further cements the deep technical expertise that Radiant Networks possesses.

Radiant Networks

Louisville, KY

Dan Cooper, President and Andrew Shipton, CISO & Director of Engineering

Founded in 2006, Radiant Network Services specializes in providing top quality wireless networking solutions. Radiant Network offers wireless voice, data, or video in clinics, warehouses, and corporate offices. The company follows a proven methodology to provide a bulletproof network design, which delivers capacity and performance to enhance current and planned installation. The team at Radiant Network Services aims to deliver the best indoor and outdoor wireless requirements. Radiant Network Services, with extensive experience results in providing solution that incorporate industry best practices for design and security with keen focus on many requirements for healthcare and financial institutions

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