Radiant Sage: Taking Clinical Trial Imaging Solutions to a Different Level

CIO VendorVen Thangaraj, Founder & CEO
The imaging corelab sector is a highly impactful onewhich has been dependent on a time and resources-intensive manual approach. Yet, of late, the most noteworthy aspect in the current imaging corelab industry would be its reliance on technology. The technology-dependent scenario stems from the attempts to efficiently and effectively manage medicalimaging data and prepare them for analysis and reading by trained physicians.

It is an undisputable fact that technological developments have brought in admirable improvements into the use of imaging in clinical research. However, the overall scenario is still far from perfect, as clinical trial sponsors, corelabs and research organizations working in thepharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries encounter several challenges while utilizing imaging in clinical research. The key challenges that surface during the process include collecting, standardizing, distributing, processing, and analyzing the massive amounts of data and integration between multiple image analysis systems. It is also imperative to tackle other critical concerns that range from ways to provide the critical data back to the trial sponsor, real-time status and progress reports ,provide fast and easy access for key opinion leaders whom may otherwise not have the time or resources to get involved, and collaboration among team members.

The current state of web-based technologies and the unmet needs within the industryare the motivating factor for Radiant Sage, a Belmont, MA headquartered provider of on-demand clinical trial imaging infrastructure solutions,wherein the next generation corelab technology is utilized. The firm’s comprehensive suite of products and services are centered oninnovative technologies which leverage imaging as a biomarker in clinical research.

Radiant Sage is a pioneer in delivering technology that facilitates a complete workflow of an imaging corelabso that it is entirely web-based and deployed to the cloud. Through this approach, all users could get a zero-footprint experience while the process becomes highly transparent to the client trial sponsor. Ven
Thangaraj, Radiant’s founder & CEO, has successfully led the firm to several prestigious awards including Frost and Sullivan’s 2012 Best Practices Award and the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) 2013 Data Driven Innovation Award in the Vendor-Sponsor Collaboration category with its partner, Pfizer.

The Key Technology Solutions

Radiant Sage offers four key technology solutions. The firm’s RadClinica™ Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is a single, centralized system to orchestrate operational, financial, contractual and administrative activities across multiple sites involved in imaging studies. Its flagshipCorelab-in-a-Box™ is a clinical trial imaging management technology solution that facilitates study execution, regulatory compliance and exploratory research. Its Image Collaborative Portal™ (ICP) is a data repository providing the ability to easily store, search and retrieve data. Finally, the RadVista Viewer™ from the company is a cross platform imaging workstation providing multi-image displays and sophisticated image processing, annotation, segmentation, and 3D rendering tools either as a standalone application or via RSV’s proprietary remote rendering technology that delivers the workstation in a thin client environment.

“The combination of Radiant Sage’s innovative web-based technologies and its wide range of expert services enable sponsors to gain control over their clinical imaging trials. Moreover, every phase from image acquisition to archivalis taken care of regardless of whether the trials are managed in-house or outsourced,” explains Thangaraj.

Today, two of the top five pharmaceutical companies, as well as numerous smaller clinical trial sponsors, corelabs and research organizations are running trials on Radiant Sage’s platforms. Although its technologies are used in several therapeutic areas, oncology is the company’s biggest vertical industry.

Going Ahead

The firm’s future plans are towards developing imaging tools for use in the early stages of research,within the Translational and Pre-Clinical areas, such as automated image analysis for specific areas of interest including Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology volumetrics and Muscular Skeletal analysis.


Radiant Sage

Ven Thangaraj, Founder & CEO

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