Radiant Technology: Making Collaboration Simple and Effective

Greg Myers, President
Business transformation becomes most effective when companies empower employees to collaborate and communicate in ways which drive effortless innovation. However, with multiple channels of information extending between diverse systems and departments, seamless collaboration becomes a challenge. “Collaboration is complicated. It needs to be made simple in order to be effective for ease of use and measurable ROI,” suggests Greg Myers, President of Radiant Technology.

Most companies struggle to see the ROI because they lack expertise in handling collaboration infrastructure, or as Radiant refers to it, the collaboration ecosystem. Moreover, the technological solutions recommended by IT teams rarely filter down in a manner that translates to the end user. Radiant Technology bridges the gap between IT and Audio Visual technology to help companies streamline communication and achieve their desired business objectives.

“Radiant works alongside clients as an extension of their team to fully understand all the working parts of their collaboration ecosystem,” Myers explains. “We consider end-user needs, technology functionality, support mechanisms, management, and facilities. We find and fill the necessary gaps within collaboration systems to streamline business processes.”

At the outset of client engagement, Radiant Technology identifies the unique collaboration challenges of each client through research, analysis, and interviews. This involves a thorough look at current tools and processes, hardware and software, spaces, usage, functionality, training, etc. Based on the insights, Radiant develops a roadmap, including key milestones, to illustrate the vision for simplifying communication.

The roadmap guides the design, integration, and implementation of each technology solution to ensure perfect project execution. When new systems are introduced, Radiant provides dedicated staff on-site to familiarize the client’s team with the functionality, thereby facilitating better user adoption.

The company takes a preemptive approach to collaboration problems by employing managed services to maximize system uptime. Radiant Pulse monitors client systems in real-time to identify problems, notify service personnel and report resolution.

Collaboration is complicated. It needs to be made simple in order to be effective for ease of use and measurable ROI

The impact varies from client to client but includes gains in efficiency and productivity, increased engagement and cost savings. The success story of one client, in particular, exemplifies Radiant Technology’s capabilities in solving tough collaboration challenges.

A Fortune 500 company was building a new headquarters and needed help to determine the right technology solution to fit their business needs. The client’s employees struggled to connect with multiple facilities, remote colleagues and engage in productive conversations. With little to no collaborative culture, they relied heavily on email for communication.

Radiant started with a consistent platform for wireless presentation, incorporated Office365, then extended Skype for Business into conference rooms. “By turning conference rooms into spaces conducive to better communication, employees feel empowered to simply collaborate,” says Myers. Radiant Technology is now supporting the client to devise user adoption strategies to continuously improve productivity from this investment.

Another success story involves a large healthcare provider which needed to improve their messaging system in order to connect effectively with staff, patients, and visitors. Radiant Technology identified the challenges and developed a digital signage system to include wayfinding, live data, patient status, and employee messaging. The impact is in giving each audience access to relevant information–all from a single platform with the capability to integrate with a variety of information sources.

For nearly 18 years, Radiant Technology has successfully implemented collaboration strategies for organizations spanning multi-location corporations, healthcare systems, institutes of higher education, manufacturers and more. With offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Louisville, Radiant is a privately held company which understands the importance of communicating with remote stakeholders.

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Greg Myers, President

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