Radiflow: Optimized Security Approach for SCADA Networks

Ilan Barda, CEO
The breach of the Prykarpattyaoblenergo control center and two other energy companies in the fall of 2015, which left 230,000 residents of Ivano- Frankivsk region of Western Ukraine in darkness, is a testament to the growing sophistication of the malicious hackers. The workers logging remotely into the SCADA network, weren’t required to use two-factor authentication, which allowed the attackers to hijack their credentials and gain crucial access to systems that controlled the breakers. “Such threats loom large worldwide and a major area of concern is the nation-wide critical infrastructure applications that deploy SCADA systems in the U.S.,” highlights Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow. With SCADA application, once an attacker infiltrates the network from any location, there are no security measures that would prevent the access of the entire network and damage to any connected assets locally or at remote sites. Mahwah, NJ-based Radiflow delivers comprehensive security solutions for Operations Technology (OT) networks that encapsulate in-line security gateways for remote sites and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for monitoring local operations. “Radiflow’s threat detection algorithms are designed specifically for industrial applications that provides clients the flexibility to mould the solution to their specific need,” states Barda.

In most utilities, the weakest security links are remote site located in sparsely populated areas with limited physical security. Connecting to the network in such remote sites provide the unlimited access locally and to other sites. Of course, the remote maintenance allows fast response and lower operational costs but provides technicians with unlimited and uncontrolled access to all the connected devices, increasing the possibilities of cyber-attacks. Radiflow’s secure gateway establishes a remote connection to the utility site over secure VPN tunnels with discrete access rights for each stakeholder. “Our secure gateway ensures that only authorized stakeholders are accessing the critical network infrastructure, according to the pre-defined rules and task -based restrictions,” says Barda.

Radiflow’s IDS—a central network monitoring tool—which is learning the standard behavior model of the applications in the substation networks. The model accurately detects all kind of anomalies and malicious activities in the local network and alerts concerned authorities.

Radiflow’s threat detection algorithms are designed specifically for industrial applications that provides clients the flexibility to mould the solution to their specific need

The combination of the secure gateways and IDS collects all the information of both M2M applications and Human to Machine (H2M) sessions within distributed networks to provide intuitive analysis reports for the administrators to design a complete security strategy against new threats. Additionally, Radiflow’s secure gateway integrated with IDS adds a unique protection layer that quickly segregates the affected device or network segment.

In one instance, Radiflow helped a premium power utility organization to manage the security of their internal networks amounting to one of their substations. “The client had proper security in place for a remote communication but required a monitoring system on their entire internal substation network to ward off the risks of insider attacks,” explains Barda. Radiflow conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s challenges and requirements. “We went through all the practical aspects, attack scenarios, and identified the possibility of malware resting on one of their devices.” Through this analysis, Radiflow was able to deploy its security solution effectively without altering the performance of the existing automation and applications, enabling the client with an efficient threat detection solution.

Surging ahead, the company aims to bring its expertise into new segments such as water utilities, oil and gas company, renewable energy, manufacturing and more to help with the initial phase of security solution deployments. “We believe in teaming with the right players and will continue to enable customers across the world with the highest level and quality of solutions to address security challenges,” says Barda


Mahwah, NJ

Ilan Barda, CEO

Delivers comprehensive security solutions to protect critical assets of the utility industry