RadiusPoint: Addressing Critical Challenges in BYOD Landscape

CIO VendorSharon Watkins, CEO
Today, enterprises are keen on implementing the concept of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), owing to its potential to bring in increased productivity and connectivity across an organization. However, the process of adapting to this emerging trend is not devoid of challenges. For example, many companies struggle with controlling wireless networks or enabling secured user access. “These challenges are indicative of the fact that for a BYOD solution to be effective, it should feature a centralized functionality and should be easy to deploy,” begins Sharon Watkins, CEO, RadiusPoint. Further, the solution needs to be integrated with a firm’s existing infrastructure. Addressing these challenges is RadiusPoint, with their expertise in the telecom, utility, and loss prevention expense management domains.

RadiusPoint’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution forms a crucial part of a firm’s BYOD Expense Management approach. TEM is mostly a wire line solution, which deals with the entire telecom invoice processing of an organization. RadiusPoint’s solution enables a monthly management of the invoices along with a regular review of the charges levied from the vendors. The invoices are established in RadiusPoint’s ExpenseLogic software so as to appropriately allocate the charges in accordance with the location in a timely manner. Then, the firm has the invoices processed for payment and allocated as soon as the vendor makes the payment. As a result, the RadiusPoint clients are saved from sifting through invoices.

ExpenseLogic is RadiusPoint’s trade¬mark flagship solution, which is a highly influential expense management software tool created exclusively by the firm. It turns crucial for every organization with its ability to address the core challenges in expense management. For instance, billing activities are highly vulnerable to errors. At times, these errors could even be against the company policies. With ExpenseLogic, it is possible to automatically figure out expensive billing errors. Thereby, the need to examine thousands of billing pages is averted. Further, the software helps eliminate immeasurable tedious hours involved in conventional billing process.

The information within ExpenseLogic™ is totally automated and has details on every invoice. Yet, there are instances, wherein an invoice itself would be required for more clarity into the expenses incurred.
This is where the Document Management Services (DMS) by RadiusPoint gains prominence. The DMS allows desktop-view of invoices, which can be sent to e-mails or made available on the website.

Another imperative BYOD service empowered by RadiusPoint is Mobile Device Management (MDM). The firm has developed MDM solutions that can secure an enterprise’s information. “We’ll enable a mobile platform with real-time policy and configuration management. A significant aspect of the platform will be providing cost-effective support of personal devices across the entire mobile operating systems under BYOD processes,” explains Sharon.

Our services and software tools constantly surpass the expectations of both regional and global clients when it comes to managing the lifeline of the business

“RadiusPoint’s services and software constantly surpass the expectations of both clients when it comes to managing the lifeline of the business. Furthermore, we retain the ability to build BYOD solutions around the client’s needs. As a result, our clients receive cost-effective solutions which, in turn, enhance their services provided to end-users,” informs Sharon.

In one of the instances, a Fortune 100 firm was struggling to manage its wireless invoices and contract terms for over 10,000 wireless devices and two corporate contracts, leading to a hectic wireless management workload. RadiusPoint was able to migrate each end-user to one of the two corporate contracts depending on usage and geographical coverage requirements. Additionally, RadiusPoint audited the entire past invoices to clear up any billing discrepancies and obtain any credits resulting from those errors. Most of the firm’s future plans revolve around deploying the next-gen ExpenseLogic solution by this year.


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Sharon Watkins, CEO

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