Radix Bay: Delivering Enhanced Consulting and Outsourcing Services to Global Life Sciences Industry

Greg Lovette, Founder & CEO
Life Sciences organizations across the globe face an array of strategic issues in pricing pressure, healthcare reform, industry consolidation, cost cutting, loss of exclusivity, dispute, compliance and investigative issues be it pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device or diagnostic companies. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Radix Bay, an IT consulting firm, addresses this issue by offering innovative LIFT assessment platform that provides a business case roadmap to the cloud for the life sciences industry. It helps in leveraging existing assets and people, determines intellectual property development to drive market differentiation, and increases the ROI, free up people and capital. The company also delivers enhanced consulting and outsourcing services to the life sciences industry worldwide. Most importantly, Radix Bay’s LIFT Assessment helps to leverage the existing assets and the people. “Very few organizations can move directly to the cloud with most or all of their business applications in the short term. This means that organizations need to leverage the assets and people to make any migration successful, and LIFT assessment helps them do just that, time and time again,” explains Lovette.

The company focuses on helping its pharmaceutical customers leverage the cloud. “We leverage our LIFT assessment to build a business case on what should or should not move to the cloud and in what order. This will give pharmaceutical companies the time to adopt innovative polices, security protocols and processes to make the cloud work for them,” says Lovette. Although the many benefits cloud computing can provide are well advertised, it is imperative to understand the pitfalls as well. With the LIFT Assessment, Radix Bay combines a management consulting mind-set with a wealth of IT strategy experience to provide fresh perspective and insight to help life sciences industry to answer the tough questions and map the journey ahead.

The company has an exclusive software Radix bay Solution Development service that works in the cloud everyday delivering innovative web and mobile solutions for the life sciences industry. The Radix Bay’s proven customer driven development methodology constantly delivers predictable and transparent development costs, reduce cycles times and quicker relation of business value, agile applications that can respond to competitive threats, new opportunities and changing business priorities.

We give life sciences industry the time to adopt innovative policies, security protocols and processes to make the cloud work for them

Radix Bay’s has a unique service platform DevOps that helps keep things under control. This particular solution fetch lots of benefits to the business; IT cycle time is greatly reduced resulting in quicker realization of value, faster access to new medical features and functionality, improved user experiences and faster throughputs through continuous monitoring and scaling of applications.

The key differentiating aspect of the company is that it modernizes the life sciences application environment and helps to enhance competitive advantage, while lowering operational costs. Radix Bay keeps legacy functionality intact, while translating and enhancing legacy client-server applications to modern technology stacks resulting in highly scalable and maintainable applications that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. “At Radix Bay, we will also help customers to better leverage what they have too. Customers have already invested a lot into what they have and where they are, so it is important that customer use it in the most cost effective manner possible,” says Lovette.

Going forward Radix Bay wants to focus more on their LIFT methodology and introduce new features and solutions that can help customers move towards new-fangled, innovative and cost effective areas.

Radix Bay

Charlotte, NC

Greg Lovette, Founder & CEO

Radix Bay delivers enhanced consulting and outsourcing services to the global Pharmaceutical and IT Clients